Shchukin School

In a sufficiently difficult times for the country were the years of study. This was the beginning of the 90s. The shops had no food on the shelves, almost all sold rationed. Her memoirs, "My mother sent from Odessa, food parcels, which I did not able to stretch as soon as all was eaten, and then had to starve for a long time. We lived in a dormitory school in the same room with Masha Aronova. Once such a funny story happened. Since we do not have a refrigerator was, we hung out products in the grids of the window. I once hung out the window lard, which I once again sent a mom.

The next day, take out the grid and find that it was suspiciously easy, watch and understand – all ate fat tits! Masha was laughing at me so – very kind, I had a tragicomic! On the other hand, it was the most wonderful years of my life! Students often do not appreciate this time, everyone is thinking: "Hurry to work – in the theater, movie … "They do not realize that only in the school have the opportunity to play what you want, when separate passages for the product you choose, and the role of which he dreamed of. More in this life will not. " In 1994 he received the diploma Shchukin School, Course V. Ivanov. Career of the actress gave birth to the program 'The two – on! ". That was when Grishaeva learned more in the third year in the program, she parodied celebrities. Here it is, as the saying goes, "stuffed his hand," and in a result it often received offers to play just the comic image.

Only otshumel prom Shchukin School and on the third day was the wedding. Nona Grishaeva married actor and musician Anton Derova. Young wife whirled in a vortex of family and creative life.