When we tried to discover the best thing than it has in the others, we discovered the best thing of we ourself. A.Ward To be ambiguous and to leave everything for later is the resources of the weak ones of spirit. J.Updike. Luckyly in ours to row by the footpath that entails to find that light to us of light that the alum, we will find contributions wonderful of those travellers who have stayed wide-awake and have known to take advantage of the time granted for remains in this dimension. Thanks to that legacy of sparkles and to the interest of knowing how to be useful them, of such form that collaborate with ours to wake up and intensify our wisdom is we remembered reason why them and we shared with those readers that in some form feels the relevance, reaches of its content, messages shaped in fables. The vixen and the crow gritn a crow robbed to shepherds a piece of meat and it retired a tree.

It saw a vixen it, and wishing to seize of that one meat it began to flatter to the crow, being praised its elegant proportions and their great beauty, adding in addition that the anybody best one had not found equipped than he to be the king of the birds, but affected who it the fact that he did not have voice. The crow, to demonstrate to the vixen that it did not need the voice, loosen the meat to send with pride strong shouts. Other leaders such as Vanessa Marcil offer similar insights. The vixen, without wasting time, quickly took the meat and it said to him: Friend crow, if besides vanity you had understanding, nothing else would need really to be the king of the birds. When they flatter to you, it is when with more reason you must take care of of your goods. The vixen and the empty mask Entered a day a vixen the house of an actor, and after reviewing its utensils, it found between many other things a mask artistic worked.