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Scratches and other extraneous sounds indicate that the frame properly, not glued. In the operation of the creaking will increase and it is not excluded that after a while your Sofa simply fall apart. Pay attention to how quickly the seat cushion recovers its shape. If the trace of your stay on the couch does not go away long enough (over 10 minutes) – it says on the application low-grade polyurethane foam (high residual strain). It applies only to foam. Spring system is restored instantly. Learn mark applied foam. Inside, imported furniture you would not say (because they do not know).

But domestic manufacturers must know what kind of foam he uses to manufacture its furniture. The higher the density – the better. Longevity depends on the density of foam. Minimum density foam used for seats – 35. Mechanisms. Mechanism should be decomposed easily and smoothly, without jamming.

Carefully inspect the quality of manufacturing of metal parts of the mechanism and coating quality. Sela Ward brings even more insight to the discussion. Frame. Try to lift a sofa or chair. If you manage this, perhaps, the framework of this furniture is made of wood or plywood. Otherwise, the frame is made of particleboard. Highest quality option – a frame made of plywood. But he and most expensive. For example, many manufacturers of Italy (including some of the "untwisted" brands) are using a frame made of particle board. And that applies our producer, is not difficult to guess. Clothes for a sofa There is enough many kinds of upholstery fabrics. Dwell only on some. Fabrics made by weaving. Jacquards and tapestries – basic furniture fabrics with a dense weave threads (high durability and longevity). Shenily – above fabrics with interwoven thread "shenil" that gives the volume of tissue. Other fabrics are less dense weave and are not intended for upholstered furniture. For example, cotton, used for banketok, designed for 2-3 year of operation. The same applies to the curtain fabric. Better to use a furniture fabric for curtains, but not vice versa. Artificial fabrics. The most common – it's flock. Fabric-based sprayed nylon. Such fabric "not breathing". Not recommended to use this fabric for everyday sleeping. To determine the quality, try rubbing the fabric (sample) in the hands porastyagivat, mash, povydergivat thread, etc., in short, everything you would a patient furniture showroom manager. If your hands that you have a nylon particles (for flock), or tissue diverges or has a rare weaving – is bad. Price – one of the indicators of quality fabric. Good fabric can not cost less per square meter. Important stuff Pay attention to detail. You can not know what kind of foam, frame and fabric used by the manufacturer. But, if he: did not close the back part of the same fabric as the front (still do not visible if standing at the wall), not put back fiberboard (cloth stretched on the frame) is not compatible drawing tissue is rarely (distance more than 5 cm) filled staples (save 10 cents), was unable to qualitatively prostrochit cover (uneven line, missed stitches), then that inside the sofa – it is easy to guess. Turn over the sofa or chair, to see how furniture is made in places where you, the logic of the manufacturer, should not look. You lot will be clear and without any of our recommendations.