North Europe

Transistion of the medieval world for modern world Between centuries XIII and XV many factors had provoked several and significant economic changes, politics, social and cultural in the entire world, mainly in the Europe with the end of the Average Age, which of the beginning to a new historical period, the Modern Age, where the European civilization makes the world its image and similarity. In accordance with many medievalistas historians century XIII characterize in general way in the Europe an expansion of the culture areas and agricultural perfectioning of the work tools and techniques. He also has an increase in the food production, what he made possible a population growth, economic and urban, in which the cities had blunted as the main centers of commerce and artisan activity, raising the number of representatives of the bourgeoisie, new social category that appeared in sc. X and XI, the same ones lived in the cities in the independent cities of the feudal bows. But it is from sc. XIV that they are intensified changes in the Europe. Starting for the demographic growth, extending technology to it in the agricultural area with the appearance of the plough, charrua, the pectoral one, mill d water etc.possibilitando a great improvement in the productivity.

With the increase of the production the chances of commercialization of the sorts had also been extended, stimulating the mercantile activity in the villages and cities of the Europe Occidental person, that had prospered gaining importance. Another factor that propagated this commercial expansion had been the Cruzades, that, however involved interests deal as to extend the relations with the east, although to be expeditions of religious character. The Cruzades had contributed for the increase of the volume of currencies in circulation, and new habits of consumption if they had developed between the Europeans. Of such way the urban life came back to abide importance in the Europe Occidental person and many cities had been linked for routes of commerce terrestrial and maritime, that had crossed the seas Mediterranean, Black and of the North.