Movies Online

This article applies to online movie piracy and buy (license) disc with movies. As you already know on the Internet widespread movies online. They do not require you cash costs, nerves, and require only a good internet (anyone with a little speed Internet, and still require patience.) So, what's the question: will in the future to buy pirated (licensing discs). To this question I will try to answer in this article. What do we get buying a license drive with movies: good and all, but will have to shell out from his pocket about 700-1000 rubles. And once in mnogh question arises: why should not I buy for 200 rubles a pirate disc in which 1 to 10 new products Kinomir. And you certainly do (if you're not a millionaire) buy pirated discs, but you get a bad kachetvo film, a bad translation, but the minimum cost.

And there is a last option – it's movies online. You get: bad quality, bad translation, but all the new cinema world without any cost. There are also online movies into DivX, but to view this movie you need a quality high-speed Internet access. Bottom line: buy a license disk expensive, but you fully enjoy the movie, buying pirated disk with bad quality and the translation may Neustroev, movies online with the same bad parts quality, but without costs. And then make conclusions for yourself what you prefer