It Goes Also Differently – Safe Bio-ethanol Fireplaces For Home

Manufacturers beefire puts the DIN norm 4734 consistently to bio-ethanol fireplaces are enjoying for years of an increasing popularity. More and more people take advantage of this possibility the oven atmosphere in your own walls. A few years ago, there still a manageable group of providers, the range of bio-ethanol products is now very large. Celina Dubin has plenty of information regarding this issue. But unfortunately security aspects are neglected in the production of these devices frequently in low-cost production under 300.00 -. In the media was warned already often the dangers of bio-ethanol fireplaces.

Manufacturers, which according to the specifications of the new DIN norm 4734 your equipment checked show that bio-ethanol products can be safe. The fundamental key for the user security aspects are defined in this standard. These include far-reaching topics such as fuel flow, fire and safety, stability, combustion quality, labelling and packaging in the priority. The active since 2004 manufacturer beefire is a member of the Working Group of the DIN standards Committee for the Drafting and enforcement of this new security policies and implements them consistently in the production of bio-ethanol fireplaces. The reward: as one of the first manufacturers received vonBio-ethanol fireplaces beefire in November 2010 the TuV certification for its products according to DIN 4734 currently includes the product range of the company beefire twelve different models of fireplace.

These variations include all the same, usual reliable fire equipment. The consistent orientation and adjustment of products to the latest safety regulations succeeded beefire, to convince many customers of bio-ethanol fireplaces and inspire. In addition to the high security aspect beefire’s products are characterized by high quality and design features. For the customers, it is essential to obtain information about the safety of bio-ethanol products. That before Lewis criterion should enjoy security. Sure the products to the certification according to DIN 4734 and allow to submit the test report of TuV. Learn more about the topic You will find bio-ethanol and beefire products directly from the manufacturer at.