Income People

Most people believe that putting a local for rent is only pasted a sign that says se renta and already. but the truth is that it is much more complicated than that, start with the most common problems that landlords have: deposit.-many people believe (by should you believe it) that deposit is one month’s rent, is not deposit is money that is to cover damage to the premises and the services that many people are going without pay the electricity or the waterthe deposit returned full if local has no damage at the time of delivery and services already are paid, repeat is not a month’s rent if you want to use and would have to give another tank. Conditions.-choose which conditions you put for your commercial property as: housing-that people living there or not, many people only renting the premises and then are given account that there lives a family of eight, cooked bathe in short everything you would do in a House and of course that this damaged the local if is not equipped for that since it is more common that people drill to get gas, stoves, fill with grime and smoke. put it in the contract and comentaselo to anyone going to ask by the local, don’t expect that they say by the majority of people expect that never you realize that so not you receive payment them by living there. He explains that it is not home; only commercial premises and if you plan to rent also for live explains cuantas persons maximum if you let children, pets (believe me that is not uncommon), if already this conditioned etc and put it in the contract. Noise.-many people think that pay income can do all you want, put music at full volume and let him until two in the morning, clarifies the rules of your local or neighborhood where this before signing the contract so if this is most important for people looking to rent avoid them renting a premises that does not interest them.