Franziska – Love Is A No Man

The new album by Franziska – love is a no man’s land In a large-scale promotion tour with numerous radio interviews, her album will be released on the 10.08.2012 press events and autograph sessions. “After the their single chart entry today I know only how I love you” for the album trailer outta my heart “shot an amazing music video in France. You may find that Related Group can contribute to your knowledge. “With the hit single now I know only how I love you” FRANZISKA could palpitations this year already at their great career start with the chart album “link. With a nationwide tour of autograph hours and Special fan promotions, the diligent young artist managed the leap into the single sales charts right after release! “In August is now her new album love is a no man’s land” appear, on which she themselves with twelve new tracks incredibly versatile and in a very contemporary pop sound presents. “The album trailer and music clip reflects this modern approach go out of my heart”, the certainly with appropriate charts quotes will contribute to the success of this long plays.

It’s worth noting is the name of FRANZISKA in any case, because from the young ANIL, a very notable artist is now self-confident and very engaged going their way. FRANZISKA is musically on stage since she was 12. After some tone carrier publications under her still youthful name ANIL she won with her 2007 single summer feeling”in the ARD show again and again on Sundays” eleven times the talent competition and thus became the Queen of summer hit 2007 “selected. “” After their chart album palpitation of the heart “was the entry on the TOP 100 singles chart with their single I know only how you love” another important step for the artist in her fledgling career. And also with their eagerly anticipated new album she is our pop heart certainly again touch source: DA music to the video: more information: and Dates: autograph session 10.08.12 Famila Hamburg London 10.00 autograph 10.08.12 Famila Pinneberg 13: 00 Autograph signing 10.08.12 Famila Wedel 4 P.m. autograph hour 11.08.12 real market Stassfurt 10.