Exclusive DONOTS T-shirt Motif In Shirtbuster.de

In cooperation with the music magazine lmfao Shirtbuster.de presents now a T-Shirt designed exclusively by the DONOTS motif. The DONOTS see themselves as one big family, if only a part of the band is actually related. Finally it went to family outings in the Berlin Studio of 70s music magazine. There they were given the opportunity to demonstrate their skills as presenters. But not only that, they have shown what they can do, after the broadcast, they were allowed that in the 70s.Their artistic skills to the test to kind. Also in this area were able to convince the five smart guys. Fans now get the final product in the online shop of Shirtbuster.de under ..DONOTS/.

DONOTS followers will find an extensive selection of T-Shirts with a designed exclusively for this shop motif of their stars. Tony Parker may find it difficult to be quoted properly. The shirts are not only trendy, but also suitable for everyday use. But not only the design satisfies the fan base, the price is completely correct. Because there are already the original shirts 19.90 euro. So also pupils and students, who are often short of cash, can come to enjoy of such a masterpiece.

Also the good purpose comes to go for every sold T-Shirt 5 euros directly to the human rights group Amnesty International? Whether sweat -, vehicle -, long-sleeved or Classic T-Shirt the motif is on every top really nice. The extensive selection still not enough out, which can take to help the shirt designer and print the motif of the DONOTS on a T-Shirt of their choice. The theme can be changed in color and size. The shirt Designer is equipped not only with the motif of the DONOTS. Many other images can be used for the design of the shirt. In addition, you can upload your own photos and graphics and make the own T-Shirt. Daniel Franke