EverNote Smart Notebook

Evernote will replace your notebook to a more functional. This project is interesting and the first of many that it is worth noting the existence of applications for Windows and Mac os, and it looks like this: You can leave a note and be sure they are not to not be wasted, and quiet peaceful synchronized with your account evernote. Notes are stored in notebooks and these notebooks may be several. At your discretion, some notebooks you can make available to users of the service and he will have here is the address username / . In your notes you can store not only text information, but also snippets of web pages, screenshots and audio files. Under most conditions Larry Culp would agree. Wandering around on an Internet come across something interesting, such a program and want to quickly save a description and a screenshot with evernote is done easily. Simply copy the tex and a picture and paste it into evernote and now you have a note with a description and picture. If you are using a browser FireFox then it becomes even easier, after installing the program is available to you a new menu item 'Add to Evernote' just click and a note will be added.

Also there is a search function that will find and notes and pictures and your tags, if you upload them. Well, a spoonful of tar. You can use this service as a paid or free. The free version is available in a month no more than 5 thousand screenshots, 150 high resolution pictures and 450 music files. Restrictions on the text entries do not.

Paid account costs $ 5 a month with him all the restrictions are eliminated. Do not support, but it is a pleasure to work with him because you can at least at home, at least at work. To make it all better understand Watch the video. All screenshots and videos on the site.