Euro Spa Resort Bad Schallerbach

The new world of pirate fun for young & old not who as a child was fascinated by pirate stories and it is still. Disguised as a pirate. With eye-patch and hook for a hand, always with a small limp about Carnival parties each of us moved ever on a Carnival party and greeted friends with a crusty Arrr “pirate world at the euro Spa bad Schallerbach offers children of all ages the opportunity to be once very unabashed privateer.” The kids Spa in Austria the pirate world is the perfect mix of fun and adventure. The area was expanded until the summer of 2011 and will open its doors on July 9. Since then it is called sails and wet adventure. With spectacular slides and attractions staying will be holidays for children to the thermal baths into fine age: Here you feel young again and can do all the stuff that has been like as a child.

While the benefits for children are clearly obvious, the parents but also not neglected. Fun for the parents so much hustle and bustle, parents need a break ever. Perfect the various bars and Cafes in the kids Spa of in Austria are. Many of them from the play areas can be well overlook. So are the kids getting into the eye. A special highlight is the shark bar. It sits in the water and enjoy a cool drink almost weightless. In the newly opened pirate world at the euro spa resort parents and children will enjoy with almost certainly equally bad Schallerbach. By the baby Bay to the fifth dimensional cinema, no wish remains open and above all no one dry.