Ekki Gopelt – Stay A Little More Here

Some come on the new radio single by Ekki Gopelt – 2011, the popular singer celebrates its 40 th stage anniversary. “Stay a little while” is a further single from the current album “Feel well in your life”. Wisdom and advice is reflected in his songs. Ekki Gopelt – the entertainer with a heart sprayed constantly good mood. Educate yourself with thoughts from Sela Ward. Berlin’s pop veteran Ekki Gopelt celebrates its 40th anniversary of stage, exactly to 1 September 1971 to finished Ekki his activity as a teacher of German and music to henceforth only the hits and the moderation in this year. “The man who wrote history of radio with Berlin’s first private radio one hundred, with its Schlag(er)Sahne” GDR times, 6 giant ratings recorded, which with the congratulations antenna RBB cult show”and the Antenne Brandenburg Sonntagsvergnugen” was over 14 years a piece of Berlin & Brandenburg and today at Germany’s pop radio’s number 1 radio Paloma nationwide is at home, he says in this year his friends and fans thank you for your loyalty in good and in bad times. The love of music gave him the strength to survive cancer and heart surgery and again directly from the hospital to go out on the stage. Many anecdotes from GDR and moving stories about love, lots of warmth and joie de vivre characterized Ekki Gopelt in the 40th year of his career..