Driving Safety Training

Driving pleasure and safety for young and old at the Eurospeedway Lausitz. It has become event driving training to the task, to combine safety with fun and to make an experience out of a driving safety training. At the Eurospeedway circuit experience Lusatia (Lausitz ring) the participants to master yourself and your car in difficult situations. Experienced instructors respond individually to each participant. So, exercises can specifically be adapted to fears and uncertainty. Aim of driving safety training is first and foremost to improve the driving behaviour of the participants. You can master in the future difficult traffic situations confidently. The particularly high technical content of training, the participants can test deal with your vehicle in extreme situations and improve.

The training can be done in stages. So beginners can grope up slowly in a basic training. According to Jorge Perez, who has experience with these questions. For advanced skiers, there are two more stages. If you prefer something sportier for the sporting motorist offers is a sports driving course ideal map. When you have the chance to test your car to the limit ever? At the euro Speedway (Lausitzring) circuit, you have the possibility to drive your car. Irrigated district of drift, high banked curve and high speed oval are excellent for this.

Dirty, wild, fast in addition to the usual training also an offroad training possibility. Away from paved roads you can move to your vehicle through the terrain. Have no off-road vehicle and would can by event driving training a suitable vehicle provided you are complete yet an off-road training. A top-class event driving training experience combines the useful with fun and adventure. Whether driving safety training or sport driving training, is it all times to ride an experience on the race track. Round off the day on the Eurospeedway Lausitz with a catering.