Determination Advertising

Similarly should analyze competitors' sites to design, structure, advertising, dealing with visitors, the views of buyers, etc. Analysis of strengths and weaknesses of competitors promotes the formation of their own competitive advantage, the definition of its uniqueness, originality and detect their vulnerabilities. In evaluating the competitors, no need to fear them, and it is expedient to find flaws in their plans, strategies, product characteristics. Will act effectively treated with respect to sites competitors are known to have strong competitors have something to learn. In the competitive business site it will affect a big plus and will open additional opportunities for success.

6. Marketing plan. Marketing plan exists that would clear and present market situation. Accurately determine the position and future development of their business site. This section is based on a marketing strategy and should disclose All the primary elements: understanding the purposes of marketing strategy as a whole; Determination of market niches, product selection, system sales, installation pricing policy; Identify potential buyers, advertising strategy (Organization, options for advertising, advertising costs); Activities to increase site traffic, Work with visitors; Ways to increase sales volume; Formation of measures to improve the image and rating Internet – the project. The table should reflect the influence of internal and external factors. To external factors affect nearly impossible, but domestic factors are subject to control by the owner Internet project. The external factors include: economic situation, the Internet, number of Internet users and potential customers, increase access to the Internet in different regions; Technology development their influence, the demand for the proposed product (service), changes in demand trends over time, competitors, the impact of the Internet to e-commerce development.