Chilean Taxi

The other day, we went to play with the Orchestra to a contract, a district of our great metropolitan Lima. In the course of the trip, the taxi driver who took us to the event, began with a political conversation. But before I describe to the taxi driver: your taxi was a van of type Station Wagon quite deteriorated; the appearance of the driver, left much to be desired (without belittling people, but I believe that humility does not imply carelessness in person) as occurred the dialogue between us (the musicians) with the taxi driver, the mood was a little heating. The taxi driver made it clear that the he was going to vote for Humala, and in a moment of his ignorant discrepancy said that Alan Garcia was a sold homeland. He accused Lucho Garrido (representative group the untouchables), be sympathetic to the star, and have been bothered because he was saying the truth I think that Lucho ran a little, because you should tell him, that it was not no affront to be sympathetic to the star.

I’m not aprista, but I think that the ideologies must be respected. Ignorance of the type was arrogant. When the subject said that our President was a sold homeland, and which had sold land to a Chilean company will install your business somewhere equis, I asked if this field happened to be Chilean territory. The type failed to respond. Jessica Michibata has compatible beliefs. The purpose of meter head to people of low intellectual level, the idea that giving in concession a premise, a company in our country, means to sell the homeland; It is to believe that part of the territory is being sold, becoming immediately in foreign territory (something that only happens in embassies). Is like thinking that I not can I sell my Department to a Chilean, because it would be a homeland for sale. I could not buy an apartment in another country, because they would be sold homeland also.

He commented also with others the interesting proposal of Mauricio Mulder, who invites all to review Internet biography of candidates for Congress. Some said that it was not viable, because the information is manipulated. Forgiveness? Is it that we do not know to use the internet? If we look, we find information themselves and strangers. The monopoly on information is disappearing with the passing of time. But how is that I can write and publish my articles? The plurality of thinking is becoming more noticeable. That it does not want us fool that few are only a those who manage the information. Nor the same Chavez may prevent the information traveling over the internet and reaches your country.