You entered the zone management and editing parameters of channels. Next, using the horizontal cursor buttons, select the desired channel. What can be changed using the mixer? Using the vertical cursor keys, you can browse the entire list of variable parameters. First – you can change the tone (TONE), ie tone on each of the ten channels. Very interesting results are obtained when one or several layers of pattern. Thus, the accompaniment can be transformed beyond recognition, and "carried away" in another era. It is possible to disable the channel (CHANNEL ON / OFF). Many people use it only to disable the party shock (DRUMS – Channel 10).

Go on – experiment! Some interesting patterns of effect gives off a number of bass or rhythm-harmonic voices of the party. Modified in such a way and you like patterns can be lay in the registration memory cells or to throw off a floppy disk and kept so for future reference. I recall that on synthesizers CASIO WK-1800, WK-3000, WK-3300, WK-3500, WK-3700, WK-3800, this parameter is duplicated connected on the panel buttons, and so carry out this function, these instruments do not need to open the mixer. The next parameter – the volume (VOLUME). It allows you to change the intensity of sound in the range from 000 to 127. This work will be of interest to those interested in sound production. Do you have an opportunity to draw the bright any one party accompaniment, relegating the rest to the background. Many people know that in other patterns would be desirable to facilitate the bass, or, conversely, to make it more dense.