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Every childhood is associated with some special things and objects. A glance or hint at the subject enough to the world of childhood came to life before our eyes in the most vivid colors. Many such start in childhood issue swing. That swings for children, standing in every yard on the playgrounds were a favorite attraction in the years when we come into life. Swing filled life excitement, fun and of course risk.

After all, perform dangerous stunts on the swing could not everyone, but those who managed to overcome his fear, necessarily becomes a hero yard playground. This does not mean that the swing was only a symbol of heroism and skill, they easily gave peace and serenity. Slowly rocking or spinning in a baby swing, we forgot about everything and plunge into a fantasy world. And today when we are alienated from the childhood years, enough to sit on the swing or watch how to play it children to forget their sorrows and environmental fuss. In the early and mid-nineties, many courts in our country have lost their playgrounds, and with them began to disappear and baby swings.

Where to start somewhere, so yes, and stood at years of unauthorized building somewhere all hunters pilfered metal, but somewhere playgrounds just had deteriorated over time. So there were children ignorant of carefree joy of swinging on a swing. Of course, this place in their minds occupied by other objects, but we are confident that they were deprived of something very important. Only in recent years, with children's playgrounds began gradually changing for the better. Returned to the tradition of arrangement yards of multi-storey buildings, there were areas with swings for children, children who have returned from the entrances under the open sky. Maybe swing again become a symbol of childhood and bring joy and fun.

Gaius Caesar

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You will save health and enthusiasm for the most important part of dating, so far robots decompose mentally and physically. And the producers of alcohol in the world does not go! With a sense of humor, by the way, the townspeople in order. (This is true, by the way.) There are notable private ads. It seems that on my porch at the end of December someone hung a ‘Christmas charms, spell and lapels. Flying infertility, impotence, alcoholism. Children under 7 years free of charge. ” Children it is certainly true! When the city was founded, there is no reliable information. But it is mentioned for the first time in the middle of XI century.

In view of the internecine the struggle of the princes. Subsequently, there were Poles, Swedes, Napoleon, the Germans … historical events can be debated endlessly. Like religion. Some believe in the resurrection of Jesus, others not. By the way, Osiris, Tammuz, Adonis on legends, too, died and came back to life again, or become the inhabitants of heaven. And they are not alone! Numbering of Attica, a man pretorskogo titles, solemnly swear that he saw the burning body Octavian image princeps ascended into heaven.

It was in the 14th year, exactly 19 years before the events in Judea. In the 39th beheld a Roman senator, ascended to heaven as Drusilla – sister of Gaius Caesar. It is true that the cult of Drusilla now in Belarus is not especially popular. Although it is heard, that her resurrection anyone denied nor ever. If someone information about the city would not be without this complete report: all we are here, according to official figures, 1 million 765.9 thousand. If you take on the eye, somewhere for two hundred more. Just do not count, because while one half of the population walks the streets, on the other forums on the Internet sits. If the day of a weekday, someone else and work. Working in Minsk – the subject of a cunning, a match vinnipuhovskomu plan. It seems to be much, but somehow find difficult. Find a person in Minsk – too easy a thing. That is, again, all depends on what you are looking for them: if an employer, have pretty sweat, and if for the sake of dating, you and the cards. Better, of course, in the hands not hold card (unless it is not a map of Treasure Island), and flowers or tickets to the theater. Well, if you just want to find his friend, find a better forum and Start search over the Internet. If you luck in this and not smile, probably forged other acquaintances. Believe me, it’s worth it. At the very least, learn all about the city .

Socialist Republic

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To the ears of the common man, not particularly versed in linguistics, the phrase "the Yugoslav language" is quite normal. But try to casually drop it when a linguist, you will immediately see a grimace on his face, which often occurs at the musician, catch a false note. This is understandable. In linguistics there is no such thing as "Yugoslavian language." And yet, how is it? Until the 90's was the Socialist Republic of Yugoslavia and became be, and the state language, too, was. And it is absolutely fair to call the Yugoslav, even though for reasons of elementary logic and norms of the Russian language as "Yugoslav" – meaning "pertaining to Yugoslavia / Yugoslavia." So what still is – "the Yugoslav language"? Until the political map of the world, there is a state like Yugoslavia was, respectively, and the state language, which was called Serbo-Croatian. Thus, "Yugoslavian language – the language of Serbo-Croatian. In fairness it should be noted that the "Yugoslav" one hundred percent of his can not be considered. Most of the country it said, but Slovenia and Macedonia – no.

But since another, absolutely Yugoslav, language was not, then we will assume the Yugoslav Serbo-Croatian language. In principle, the Serbs and Croats began to speak the same language since the VI century, ie from the time when their ancestors were on the Balkan Peninsula. In this case, the Serbs were convinced they speak Serbian, Croatian and saw it as their language Croatian. By and large, these languages differ from each other almost as much as the Moscow dialect to dialect Pomorie.

Russian Sappho

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Autumn was a rainy day. Weather lousy, but ahead of two hours waiting to be while away. Of all the entertainment – just nipped the disc with your favorite music in radio, mobile games with bored, sullen pedestrians on the street and a volume of poetry in the back of the machine, purchased once in passing in a small shop and did not open ever since. Given the dreariness of the situation and almost broken a quarrel with the woman heart, poetry – the best way. So took my acquaintance with the work of Sophia Parnok, whose poems have left a deep imprint on the soul. I do not pretend to the role of the researcher of this remarkable poet.

About her many articles and books, it left a bright trace in the poetry of the Silver Age, and because I only share their own experiences, which remain after an acquaintance with the facts of her life. Our community, no doubt, Sophia Parnok known before just as beloved by Marina Tsvetaeva. Their brief affair lasted about a year and opened a new chapter in the work of Marina Tsvetaeva, and we, the fans of her work, gave remarkable cycle of poems "friend". And yet, Sophia Parnok and her poems are worthy, in my opinion, much more than stay in the shade of her famous lover. Sophia was born in 1885 in Taganrog, a respected Jewish family.

Early lost her mother, who died after giving birth twins Elizabeth and Valentine. With his father relations went wrong, as he quickly forgot about the death of his wife and tied the knot with a governess for their children. Sophia was a beautiful girl, bright, temperamental, clever. She had beautiful hair and great gray eyes. Her first love was junior Hope Polyakov. They met in the Crimea and their relationship lasted a long five years.

Carpet Gift

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Always a great gift and will be just "a complete collection of 'favorite music. United in a beautiful collection recorded on CDs and stacked in the original box music sound even more beautiful. For the fan of an artist a great gift would be tickets to a concert. This rather universal gift can be presented as a surprise in the envelope with a greeting card, and as a magical day gift, which will start, for example, going to a restaurant, and the completion – a musical evening. "Paper" gift, by the way, can be not only tickets but also tickets. For example, if the conservatory evenings of symphonic music, sometimes to all the concerts you can buy one ticket. Always a good gift for a fan singer or composer would become his signature.

Pre-prepared with a nice paper, you will if possible, get to expensive for you with a particle of the magic that makes his heart beat faster. Naturally, this gift requires a "registration": for an autograph is to pick up a nice frame, and frames for at least a nice wrapping paper. For experts and long-term fans of no better gift than a rare album of favorite performer. Vinyl records, which seem to us the attributes of the past may return an unforgettable experience "that same" music, which is the most powerful modern speakers sound is a little different. "Non-musical" things can get a great gift to a music fan, even when it is not about teenagers. Books with biographies of famous composers and performers, magazines, essays about the past with them – such things will be a wonderful gift for music lovers. No matter how strangely, the list of "music" gifts can be extended to the interior.

Music lover a great gift would be the carpet. Soft pile floor carpet can do it one more place where you can listen to music. Wall is Carpet can be chosen (or order) with this pattern, which will "represent" your music a loved one. And the undoubted advantage of a dense carpet is its sound insulation, so that the gift probably will not taste only to a music fan, but his family and neighbors. Each of us is unique, but so many melodies and songs that find their "own" it is always possible. And this search will not take long and will take power. Because the music – that's fine. As with any gift associated with it.

Brick Katie

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And the cinema, in the first ranks, seeks to give us what they want. To noisy, colorful, easy, fun and music. This is the a kind of habit, New Year's reflex to movies, entertainment, film, "Christmas decorations". From the "dudes" waiting for the same, not simply waiting for: this warning to all posters – before you film extravaganza film festival! And now the audience sit in chairs and get ready to enjoy cinema, dipping into New Year's mess. To exit the theater, at best, confused, happy to recall at least a wondrous musical numbers, and at worst feel like the hero of the anecdote, who bought the "fake Christmas toys," which brought no joy.

What is so strange about this movie? The plot is simple and even banal. Moscow, late 50's. Stalin had already No, but the image of the leader is still not debunked, which for many translates into fear of arrest and probable overall intensity of life. However, the Young Communist League squad volunteer militia under the command of a socially active (as would say now) girl Katie (Eugene Brick, at the time of filming bearing the name Hirivskaya), feels great. Folks, each of which Katie Mels (Anton Shagin with a pure and naive person) honestly believe that there are two lifestyles: traditional, which they live, and wrong. That they are trying to convey to everyone, especially to sores on the body of a decent society, what is called a dude. Awkward, flashy clothes, causing hairstyles, ideologically wrong (okay, just a crime!) dance, music and more to the west idolatry should be punished.

VCA Crossfader

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Faders, crossfaders The faders and potentiometers – regulators in the form of 'sliders' are generally used to adjust the overall signal level on each channel. Faders give a clear idea of what the volume with which channel sound. Potentiometers or in common parlance 'krutilki' are used to adjust the equalizer, the signal preamplifier Gain, to adjust the effect parameters. Faders and potentiometers – used for all consoles, not only in DJ, so there is hardly a person who is at least superficially was not familiar with those details. A key detail – the crossfader.

Who thinks that this DJ mixer crossfader is different from the usual mixing, the located on the right track. The crossfader is horizontal and is used for mixing channel signals. In the most simple remotes signal is passed directly through the crossfader, so after a few months intensive use of the crossfader or completely fails, or begins to crackle, noise and run rough. Crossfaders are more progressive on the basis of VCA (VOLTAGE Controlled Amplifier). The essence of the VCA is that the crossfader controls the signal amplifiers and does not transmit sound through itself, ie, pollution and wear and tear 'slider' will not have a bad influence on the sound. But in any case the crossfader wear and pollution will adversely affect its mechanical characteristics, namely smoothness, lightness, speed, etc.

The next type of crossfader – Optical. Optical crossfaders are very comfortable and quiet in operation, highly sensitive, 'optics' characterized by high speed and ease of sliding, which is important for the scratch. However, the 'optics' have to get used, if necessary gently 'push' composition, this may not happen immediately, and not for any style of music suitable control with the crossfader. A disadvantage of optical crossfader is a tendency to clogging of lenses and detectors in discos and clubs, where the effect of smoke and moisture variability leads to emergency death mechanism.

Dobroselsky Ferris

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City of Vladimir is a Golden Ring of Russia and each is associated with antiquity, grandeur, churches and temples. Green Town – Vladimir on the Klyazma – today is not only the historical center, but also economic and cultural. Our paper will describe the hundredth time, monuments and ancient heritage of the city, which can be easily found online. After reading about Vladimir today, might get the impression that life in the city still, and besides, how infinitely go to different churches in Vladimir, nothing else to do. This is wrong. Vladimir has at least five large parks: the Park of Pushkin, Friendship Park, Dobroselsky Park, Country and 850th anniversary. Depending on the season parks offer a variety of entertainment.

Autumn in the park 850th anniversary is traditionally come LUNAPARK and attractions, summer in the park Pushkin committed horseback riding in a wheel Dobroselsky Ferris, Friendship Park and Country famous for their woodland area with lakes and ponds, where you can come to the picnic. In addition to the recently amateurs shoot Country Park offers the area equipped Paintball. In winter, the traditional entertainment of Vladimir are the skis, skates, sleds, snowboards, cheesecake. Each park is an outdoor rink with music and lighting. For fans of extreme sports in the city center are the slopes for the descent in skiing and snowboarding, lift-equipped. Calmly go skiing can be a country park and Friendship Park.

In addition to "street" entertainment Vladimir can play bowling (Night club Z-club, Sugar-Boy," shopping mall "Dump"), go through the shopping malls ("Megatorg", "Shopping Streets", "Cruiser", etc.), lunch at the cafe ("Salmon and coffee, "" Coffee in Chekhov's ", etc.). Fans of club life well spend time at the club, "Sugar-Boy," "The Sun", "Velvet", the entertainment complex "Golden Ring", the drum-parties at the bar "Central". Also in Vladimir each week held various exhibitions of photos, painting, animals, etc. Learn the schedule of such events, as well as repertory theater and dramas Philharmonic, you can on the Internet information portals Mr. Vladimir, as well as buying any local newspaper. Vladimir work two multiplex cinemas – "Kinomax-Petrel" and "Ruskino", where you at a convenient time for you can see the new world cinema. Mr. Vladimir stay can be in many hotels and inns that are Located in the heart. Cheap comfortable rooms will leave a good impression of being in the city, and convenient location will save you from a long and tedious route. But if all you want to explore the whole city, not just the center, use a taxi, especially in the city fare is only $ 100.

Home Theater

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Hall and Hall – is the "visiting cards" of any apartment or house. Their appearance in the first place is preceded by an impression of everything home. Hallway and should be presentable and functional. A good solution in this case would be making closet or hallway on the order of the wall-which may include cabinet for shoes, and a mirror, and all kinds of hangers, pull-out drawers, closed and open shelving. Unconventional arranging furniture in the hallway, you can create your own individual interior. Living room for the modern man – is more than a room for receiving guests.

She often serves as a dining room, working room, or just recreational or "home theater". That is why the modular furniture is just ideal for a multipurpose room. Absolutely right, those who argues that with the help of case of modular furniture can furnish the apartment from the hallway and finishing kitchen. If the zoning is not necessary to the living room, with the help of modular systems, you can create yourself spacious and bright room. Transparent and open furniture units can be a tangible demonstration of your home "treasures" for blind cabinet doors hides a possible disorder, and cells hanging cabinets accommodate different things. By adding a wall in the living room semicircular modules, you will add to her charm, and by using modules of different colors will make an incredibly extravagant. Bedroom furniture modules – also very interesting option. Bedroom may consist of only one large bed and three cabinets for various uses, which will be functional so that the presence of traditional wardrobe just is not needed.

Shells from cabinets can be quite the same, but their main difference will be in the "interior stuffing." In a small children's room, there is enough space for games and activities during the installation of modular furniture. This will be possible thanks to a folding bed, harvested in the daytime in the near-wall cabinet. The same can be done in bed podium. Catwalk along the wall during the day can throw him under the bed and provides a second berth on the night. Agree that it is very convenient. Kitchen – this is one of the main premises of the house, this family meets at least twice a day. That is why the kitchen should be as functional, versatile and practical. Make a small kitchen a spacious and comfortable help system and modular furniture sets. A variety of cabinets, cases, racks and racks of different sizes, is well combined with each other, allow optimal use of space in our small kitchens. When you need cheap, stylish, comfortable and most importantly to equip the apartment, furniture – that's exactly what you need. Comfort, practicality and functionality of such furniture is limited only by your imagination.

Hayman Resort

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It also features crocodile safaris and cruises to the reef, if you are an inexperienced diver you can be trained on the spot. Wide range of activities makes Daydream Island a great place to families with young children and those who love sailing and water sports. Special highlight is the beach, an outdoor theater. Special offer from Agoda: Book a minimum of 2 nights at Daydream Island Resort and receive a discount of 30%. Hayman Island About the Island: Hayman – another island group of islands Whitsunday Islands, is one of the most popular islands of the Great Barrier Reef.

Every year the island Whitsunday Islands, taking hundreds of thousands of tourists and Hayman is one of the most popular islands. This is one of the first island on which was built resort, which is the only one on the island. Heyman is suitable for travelers who want to spend your holidays with all the advantages of a luxury resort. Overall Atmosphere: Calm and style. A perfect place for families.

The most interesting thing: The white sandy beaches, night diving, golf, and walk along the narrow paths among the thickets of the rainforest. During low tide you can walk to the nearby coral reefs. Resort: Hayman Resort is a modern five-star resort and is ideal for travelers seeking leave with full service and loving style. The resort has won numerous awards and has been upgraded several times since opening in 1950. The resort offers a wide range of activities on area are six restaurants, a number of designer shops and a spa with a full range of services. Luxury villas on the beach will be opened in December 2010. Spetspredlozhnie by Agoda: Book 28 days in advance and receive a discount of 25% of Hamilton Island on the island of Hamilton is the largest of the inhabited islands of Whitsunday Islands Island group. Here is a yacht club, a commercial airport and six resorts, as well as some houses. Most of the shrubs and mangroves on the island are protected, as a national park, with the established observation posts and special trails for walking. Beaches are classical combination of an idyllic white sand and calm turquoise waters. Overall Atmosphere: Lively and intense in the resort areas, relaxing in a national park. Highlight: Visitors, walking through scenic trails may see wallabies, monitor lizards (lizards), cockatoos, kukabur and other representatives of wildlife in Australia. Whitehaven Beach – a stunning, semikilometrovy sandy beach which has recently been recognized one of the cleanest beaches in the world. Many restaurants in Hamilton food for children is free. Moreover, a wildlife park on the island, visitors can embrace the Hamilton real koala! Resorts: TheReefView The hotel – a traditional multi-story building with nearly 400 rooms, all overlooking the Coral Sea. Children under 12 years old – free accommodation and meals. BeachClub – a luxury boutique hotel situated on the beach Catseye Beach, with 57 rooms in contemporary style and with the facade overlooking the beach. Persons under 18 are not allowed. Qualia, situated on the quiet northern end of the island, offers 59 spacious and luxurious hall, and guests receive a special machine for golf explore the surrounding area. Deals from Agoda: Pay only for 4 nights at Reef View Hotel will receive a fifth night free! Valid from 1 February to 31 March 2011.