Mascleta Fireworks

One of the best times to visit a destination is when the people invades the streets to go on holiday. If you’re a curious traveler, you will discover the most characteristic traits of the personality and the culture of the place that you visit during major festivals. One of the most emotional celebrations of Spain are las Fallas in Valencia. During the Fallera week, entire Valencia is dressed in holiday and receives thousands of visitors to perpetuate the ancient ritual of fire. Las Fallas in Valencia are a feast both Catholic and Pagan, solemn but at once satirical and with all the ingredients of a true popular celebration. The spirituality of the Fallas of Valencia is evident in its origins and in its Marian processions.

Saint Joseph, patron saint of carpenters, was honored during failures and giant floral offerings are made to the Virgen de los Desamparados. The sound is present from the beginning of failures on the Mascleta Fireworks concert that combines master different sounds, squeaking and chav of rockets. During the castles of fireworks Artificial, Valencia sky erupts in thousands of colors. The Falleros concerts and festivals are occasions for listening to new artists and enjoy the traditional music of Valencia. The flavors also contribute to liven up the party with the paella and Valencian rice dishes as protagonists. Light adorns streets and becomes art, awarded by the competition of street adorned.

But fire is undoubtedly an essential component of failures. Gigantic ninots burning in the blue sky of Valencia are an expression of the desire of the Valencian people to burn the evils, condemn their politicians, attract good things, and start again. During failures, hotels in Valencia tend to be on the verge of his occupation. Why remember in advance book your hotel in Valencia to not miss this wonderful festival.