Great Bounce

Bachelor Bachelor and bachelorette parties are occasions of celebration and madness in many cases. Or that marries is protagonist of all these crazy and friends and friends responsible for organizing it. It’s a celebration, but it is not any given night, so you have to do something different, such as a dinner with entertainment and drinks in one of the best places in Madrid. Fun and debauchery can not miss the stag, friends know it and in the Peletazo know, why we have the best show for the protagonist and his friends accompanied by the best dinner and an incomparable atmosphere. Farewell your single status with the Peletazo and discover why so many people repeated. For bachelor parties are an success should have dinner, show and music. Everything that we have in the Peletazo it: succulent menus with free sangria, beer and soft drinks bar; the best show with Rabocop, Vicky the Vickinga, als Chichi-leaders and; and the best music in our discotheque El Doblon, with an incomparable atmosphere that you finish the evening in good company. What difference to the Peletazo of other restaurants is your phone line, and is that all our tables are connected by phone so you can talk with any person who is dining in our restaurant, and you can also receive calls from other tables.

To finish the party picks up your bono-copas and spend it on our Disco till you drop. Fifteen years of experience in farewells are many, and so we know what you need and expect from this great day. In the Peletazo you can have everything you want in one place: music, dance, dinner, entertainment, fun and the best atmosphere of the city. Celebrate your farewell with us and discover why you test it, repeat.