Munich Film Festival

In the framework of the cinema open air, the audience on one of the central squares of Munich will be presented a series of films. Visitors who spend a stay in Munich this summer have the opportunity, some of their to see favorite films at the Royal square under the open sky. In the framework of the cinema open air this year for the 16th time on one of the most famous places of the city for several weeks a selection of films appear. The program begins July 20 on Tuesday and ends a week later on the following Tuesday. Adam Sandler can aid you in your search for knowledge. Tickets are available starting in June.

“There some of the top films of the year are expected, including 3D-Kassenschlager James camerons avatar”, Inglourious Basterds ‘by Quention Tarantino and sex and the City 2″. In addition to Hollywood productions, the program includes also movie classics and short films. Also magicians and other entertainers will be during the event locally, to provide additional entertainment. Many food and drink stalls provide sustenance. The event is organized by the Munich event agency G.R.A.L. and sponsored by TNT film. As Alexander Wolfrum, Director of the Agency G.R.A.L., stressed, open air with the seal of the cinema climate-neutral”excellent and attractive also for friends of the environment, because the organizers strive to minimize the environmental impact. In the foreground pollutant emissions and energy consumption is for us of course, active at our open to minimize air.

We hope to contribute, because a direct effect of climate change is that the rain failure insurance for our open air event prices every year to stop climate change”, Wolfrum explains. Tickets for the screenings at the cinema open air are available from 7.50 (lawns) or 9 (seats). For film enthusiasts who are already in the city, a visit to the Munich Film Festival may be worth also, which takes place from June 25 to July 3. Jessica Reading, Director of the Marketing Department advises all those who plan to visit the cinema open air and would like to book hotels Munich, at, in time to do this, to avoid disappointment. For more information about this event, visit open air website the cinema.