Aprons Festival

Festival of good taste: four days gourmet festival in Berlin / catering locations by backing culinary delights include the beautiful things of in life. Who doesn’t like clean restaurants delicious dishes and matching wines to enjoy. \”But where this time?\” one wonders just in the big cities, which have to offer a wide range of restaurants and catering businesses. Operators must offer a lot more today than the mere supply of their guests. San Antonio Spurs understands that this is vital information. The industry is built on attractive and concept strong performances and relies on innovative first, just in the outdoor area.

From July 30 to August 2 2009, taste of Berlin will therefore in Berlin the kick-off event\”held the first of a series of gourmet festivals in Germany. Others including real-estate developer, offer their opinions as well. The top restaurants in the capital and selected chefs of tasting menu of exquisite menus are offered in the summer garden of the fair cooking experience under the motto\”. This matching environment of culinary enjoyment is a highlight of the event. The catering service is mobile space solutions from Losberger supports, which stand for excellent locations anywhere in the world. \”The event idea in the Organizer is to combine the theme of cooking with individual taste sensations and the visitors enjoy with all senses\” to make tasty. Around 30 Berlin top chefs and restaurants offer starters, main courses and desserts in sample sizes from their exclusive menus.

In addition to these delights offered a rich program with wine tastings and cooking demonstrations by well known television chefs. Manufacturers and suppliers of special products around the theme of cooking are present on their stands. Selected musicians and artists create a cosy atmosphere. With the concept, it bridges the gap between fine cuisine and the atmosphere of a stylish Garden Festival. The summer garden is the perfect place for it. He combines the excellent infrastructure of the Messegesellschaft the pleasant character of a garden party.