The Interior

This would not happen you would have to dislocate himself pretty heavily, to get to the belt. The Interior is dominated by elegant sportiness. The seats can be adjusted already starting with the base model in height and backrest tilt. The front seats are fully electric adjustable in the top model 500. Leather is there as an option. The AirScarf function is also part of the convenience package. In three steps, you can send warm air on the neck and head with varying degrees of intensity.

Thus travelling more or less in a sea of hot air sitting. Playing with edges and curves the nobility, that inside is the Mercedes E-class convertible, is mediated by the outward appearance. In the essence of the new series of the upper middle class, it whether sedan, station wagon, Coupe or convertible angular forms mingle with fine curves. For example, when the four rectangular headlights showing courage to the edge. The fine momentum can be found in the rear fenders with the wheel arches. The rear has a significant overhang, works but overall very compact.

The speakers that are arranged like small bumps behind the Fund head restraints are beautiful to look at. The designers have worked carefully in detail. The roof opening mechanism is housed in a beautiful island of control against the armrest. All four Windows can be at once on a button to open or close. The roof in a small tank in the boot folds automatically at your fingertips. The mechanism works well while driving up to a speed of 40 km/h. The soft and the hard, as is an otherwise still warm to the heart? Well, with the top engine in the E-500, the 388 horsepower V8 engine. Two characteristics is located in the known and largely unchanged engine, which you can call with the sport button on the plan pleasantly potent or brachial sporty in terms of sound and commencement.