Rihani Institute

In Kfar Kama and work Rihani House of Culture. Weddings, other celebrations are held in them. In gyms train young wrestlers basketball players, volleyball players, stadiums – soccer. The stadium in Kfar Kama resembles an amphitheater: the rostrum, equipped with comfortable chairs, a semicircle around the arena. Not far from Rihani is a mountain Dzhebl-Sheikh, the contours which is similar to the majestic Oshhamaho.

Because, probably, and Circassians settled there. Dzhebl Sheikh reminds them of images of a distant homeland. Rihani has 4,000 hectares of pasture and arable land. But using them is not complete. What then do villagers? Operating schools, poultry and sheep farm, and other objects.

In Rihani Institute works of history and tradition of Circassians. In the local school employs 20 teachers. 10 people are contractors, 182 – workers, 8 charge shops. In the village of 25 drivers, six guards, 28 civil servants employed on farms 42 people in agriculture – 19. The army and police are rihaniytsev 69, among them 50 officers and one general. The village is situated only two kilometers from Lebanese border. In the interest of safety and to prevent terrorist attacks is surrounded by a solid wire fence. But Kfar Kama in such a precaution is not needed. All Israeli settlements are urban infrastructure: paved streets and roads, sidewalks, paved with slabs, phone booths and night lighting, domestic institutions. Nowhere else you will not see the dirt and trash. Private cars are not hiding in the garage: for them equipped with parking and carports.