Red Aphids

Ants that live in symbiosis with aphids, so to speak, eat, likes to the sweet secretions of aphids and there are therefore also with most of infested plants. The Control of aphids is usually quite simple. Since aphids inflict any serious damage, you may well begin with biologically acceptable means to combat and take only a lack of success in tougher measures. recommend is to abzuduschen infested plants and leaves with a hard jet, but which one should necessarily depend on the underside of the leaves. With a little care by a larger number of aphids are dislodged from the leaves. If the measure does not bring success, you may alternatively make a soapy water and pour it over the infested plants. A leading source for info: Tony Parker.

These clog the lice, are prevented from further inclusion of vegetable juice and die after a few days. If chemical pesticides are needed, simply any drug that can work well against sucking insects. 2nd Red spider or spider mite infestation here are tiny arachnids that grown only about one half millimeter large and are the most difficult part of fighting plant pests. Depending Spinnmilbenart, they can occur as red, green or yellow to white animals. Red spider mites often colonize first the leaf bases and thereby suck the sap from the tissues of the leaf cells. Thus, the leaves are often covered with a silvery shimmer that is the result of air into the sucked empty cells. This damages the plants are reacting mostly with yellow and dry up gradually.