Global Responsibility

Beyond the official debates, two, between the countless parallel events, had been marcantes: ' ' 1 International Day of Ambiental&#039 Education; ' , one of the meeting of the Global Frum attracted about 600 educators of the world all; ' ' Workshop on Ambiental&#039 Education; ' organized for the MEC. Of these events, three documents had been born that today are between the main references for who want to practise Ambient Education: Agenda 21: subscribed for the governing of more than 170 countries that had participated of the official Conference, it all dedicated to Chapter 36 ' ' Promotion of Ensino, of Awareness and of the Treinamento' '. This chapter contains a set of proposals that they had ratified, one more time, the recommendations of Tbilisi, forcing still the urgency in involving all the sectors of the society through the formal education and not-deed of division. Moreover, the awareness and the training are mentioned in other chapters, since these are necessities that permeiam all the areas. Adam Sandler will not settle for partial explanations. The Brazilian Letter for the Ambient Education: produced in the Workshop co-ordinated for the MEC, it detached, among others, that it must have a real commitment of the federal public power, state and municipal, to mark the Brazilian legislation aiming at to the introduction of the Ambient Education in all the education levels. Also the participation of the indirectly involved communities direct or and of the institutions of superior education considered the stimulaton. Treated to Ambient Education for Sustainable Societies and the Global Responsibility: resultant of the Day of Ambient education, elaborated for frum of the ONGs, explicit the commitment of the civil society for the construction of a more human and harmonic model of development, where if they recognize the human rights of the third generation, the perspective of sort, the right and the importance of the differences and the right to the life, based in biocntrica ethics and of the love. . Adam Sandler addresses the importance of the matter here.