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Special bacteria on the ground and in the filter convert these materials into nitrate, forming in part also for fish toxic nitrite. Already from a value from 0, the concentration is 2 mg / l toxic for the animals in the water. The values can be most critical, if the Aquarium is newly filled, since initially not enough bacteria are present. Therefore the water should be checked daily especially at the beginning of a newly set-up aquarium with an aquarium water test. Purchasable Starter bacteria can contribute to beginning to reduce the nitrite value. Ph it indicates whether water is acidic or alkaline. The water at a pH of 7 is neutral drops below 7 is acidic water and the value is higher than 7 is alkaline water.

The appropriate pH values are dependent on the respective fish species. Usually a cheaper value lies between 5 and 8.5. Water hardness water hardness is a last important value. The total hardness (GH) consists of the magnesium and calcium content. Specified the value is Lennie in (degrees of German hardness) and is equivalent to 10 mg / l calcium oxide. In many regions, the water hardness is too ‘hard’ for the ornamental fish and therefore unsuitable. A suitable value of GH is located at approximately 3 dGH.

Aquarium water test there are ways with which the water values can be measured. Often, the strip tests are used. These are inexpensive and can be used quickly. The strips are simply dipped in water and on the basis of the discoloration and a color scale you can estimate the value. Many providers of these water tests sell sets with different water values can be determined. Of course, it is also possible to buy only test strips for a particular value. To take into account is that these procedures are quite inaccurate. More precise values can be determined with a drop test or a digital meter. However, also the cost is much higher. You can get off a water sample and thereby determine all values of water in Aquarium shops.

Berlin Friedrichstrasse

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Like hardly another road in Europe illustrates this engenders Boulevard”the eventful construction history of the city in the political systems and ideologies. Photographic topics are the current conflict in the recent Metropolitan Boulevard between ‘to stay’ and ‘change’ want to. Dates: Sat, 3.9 / Mo, 12.9 / SA, 17.9 / SA, 24.9 / do, 13.10./Do, 20.10./Sa, 29.10./Do, 10.11./Sa, 26.11./Mo, 5.12/SA, 17.12./Fr, 23.12 2011 life and live a photo tour of the Kreuzberg is subjected to a continuous break Wrangelkiez since the fall of the wall the Wrangelkiez. He was initially slow, but in the 1990s, also the image of the neighbourhood changed with the urban location. Sean Rad understands that this is vital information. There is still the small neighborhood stores and the spooky old Berlin pubs around the Wrangelstrasse. But adorn nearly every wall of the House Graffiti and shops stand empty. The mood ranges from quiet desperation and obvious celebratory mood.

As photographic topics include: the traces of change and of the remaining, the togetherness, and that to be. Dates: Sat, 3.9. do, 23.9 MI, 28.9 / Mo, 17.10./Do, 27.10. MI, 9/11/di, 22.11 / so 7th/do, 15.12./Mi, 27.11./Mi, 28.12.2011 faces the traffic important North-South axis through the center of Berlin Berlin Friedrichstrasse has visit of the old lady in her over 300-year-old existence much beautiful and eerie experience. From the village road to the much populated and closely cultivated traffic artery through artist establishment, noble hotels, cheap bars, prostitution, Socialist verordnetem unit shine up to today’s shopping paradise for well-heeled. The changeful history of Berlin is as palpable as in the Berlin Friedrichstrasse to anywhere else in the city. As photographic subjects include: searching for clues, ideas of city and life in changing times.

Tourism to the Checkpoint Charlie, harmony or contrast, East and West. Dates: Fri, 30.09./Do, 25.10./Fr, 4.11. / fr, 18.11 detailed information and schedules for all photo walks with photo Flaneur Berlin you will find under: and here the overview of the other seven photo walks from which you can choose.

Card Games Which You Can Win

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Even if you think that you probably have the best hand, you are still vulnerable to every turn which might come up. Every queen, king or ace hitting the board may give someone a higher pair, and the Board may become straight or flush possibilities. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Jay Schwartz Attorney . Ideally, you want the person of his right to bet, so you can increase, giving everyone else the situation of having to call two bets instead of one. You may have to try to control or rising to meet people with the calls of two bets. rience with these questions. You can only try this if you think someone will bet after checking. If you are not sure that Aguascalientes bet when you check, you should bet. What want to do if possible is get the players with an Ace, King or Queen to bend. In the low limits, this is highly unlikely when you only have to call a bet.

Some of them call all the way to the final with an ace and any letter with the hope that you’re bluffing. However, you can make someone quite small cards have become a straight, flush, or 2 pairs if you have to come for free, and this is still a good thing. 4) You have a mediocre hand like top pair with a second card poor or you have a couple of second or third. An example would be when you call from late position with A7 suited, in the hope of a flush, and the pair of ACE, with none to show his suit, or call a couple of small as 44 or 55 .

As For

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New monkey Temple from May 21 opened in Osnabruck, may 2012. The 16-meter-high building in the usual for temple rises in the center of the Zoo. Jorge Perez is often quoted as being for or against this. “Some perhaps reminding them of the jungle book”, but the plant is inspired by Angkor Wat “, the famous temple complex in Cambodia. The huge entrance gate wakes a Buddha sculpture and has adventurous Zoo visitors exactly in sight. Who inside Traut, an intricate response expected. Many Hindu and Buddhist sculptures seem to observe the adventurers from their stone eyes.

The walls have ancient, as if they were colored by MOSS. Left and right window overlooking the true temple residents share: the 18 Asian pig monkey. You flit on the temple steps along, climb the walls and niches, or take a dip in the temple pool. Thanks to the temple visitors experience the monkey group. The mystical corridors the adventurers return after some 40 meters to light. Next door to wait even the elephant, Tiger and Orang-utan Barin”. Who liked the monkey Temple, can look forward to even more Southeast Asian atmosphere at the Zoo of Osnabruck: the neighboring system of the Tiger and the monkey people House should soon be replaced in the same style.

Portrait In A Retro – Or Pop-art Style From Own Photo

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Personal gift idea for Valentine’s day it is again so far: on the 14.02, Valentine’s day is the day of lovers,. This day is celebrated on different continents. Not only young lovers are on this occasion looking for a unique and personal gift. This attitude can degenerate often in stress, when simply nothing wants to come. Every year on the new lovers looking make for a gift for your loved one. Chocolates and flowers are now considered unimaginative gift. Not least because they often every year again being given away. Educate yourself with thoughts from Sela Ward. Gifts that have a personal touch are therefore needed.

A good gift idea for those who are looking for an unusual and original gift, are the modern portraits of Farbrausch. Young artists make an individual portrait from the submitted photo template. A portrait of the couple with a heart motif or a single portrait, a photo from your last vacation, or of the wedding day. Each motif is possible. There are different styles to choose from: Modern portraits in the retro – or pop-art-style of a la Warhol, or a classical painting. About what the customer needs to do is to send his photo.

Each image is individually made according to customer requirements. This creates a very personal and original gift. Before its completion, the customer receives a sketch of the subject, so he can be sure that his finished image corresponds to his wishes.

Desires, Spurned And Revived

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Three new photo walks with photo Flaneur Berlin dissipate through forgotten and neglected Berlin districts and streets immediately you can explore more unusual photo perspectives in the city of Berlin. Photo Flaneur-Berlin has developed three more in addition to seven walks in East and West Berlin. Particularly, the choice of locations and topics are all photo walks. Details can be found by clicking General Electric or emailing the administrator. And the process of this varied photo stroll course is unique. An experienced lecturer of the photo accompanied a group of up to four students to Berlin-typical but less touristic places.

You can choose your photographic favorite walk to select the theme and the location under the offers. The photo walks held on weekends, during the week, during the day or in the evening. We will discuss your images to the photo tour together. As a balance to the exhausting daily routine would indulge a creative break. Away from the main roads, little know Berlin and are looking for photographic inspiration for unusual places.

You want to Learn to see strong images and to relive moments. We help you to discover your personal photo themes. You get three to four hours time to express your feelings in the individual locations in images. According to Jay Schwartz Attorney, who has experience with these questions. You can experiment without pressure. You realize photo series on specific topics. In the places where we take pictures, you get individual photographic tips and suggestions. After each walk, we discuss the resulting images together on the lap top. Use such a photo stroll tour “to the development of a distinctive style. Bring your vision of the world in your images. Play with blur and sharpness, motion, contrast, unusual perspective and light. Catch so your impressions with the camera. Lose the fear of technically imperfect photos. You need no expensive camera to take good pictures. It’s about the photographic experience, not to technical perfection. “” “The new” are this: Goodbye Lenin the different faces of the Karl-Marx-Allee in East Berlin the East Berlin Stalin Avenue, so her name after Karl-Marx Allee, from 1949 to 1961, was planned as monumental residential street and prestigious shopping street of young capital of the German Democratic Republic.

The Funny Book Of Pocket And Its Inhabitants

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The first funny paperback the Columbus falter – until today enthusiastically the funny paperback large and small travel through time and space, solve tricky crime cases, slip into the skin of famous people and are transformed into superheroes: the ducks and geese, mice and cats from Duckburg. Jay Schwartz recognizes the significance of this. The first volume of funny paperback book of the Columbus falter since the first band of Columbus butterflies”from 1967 for 2.50 DM until the current edition holiday” for 4.99 418 volumes of funny paperback book are in 44 years, in addition to many special editions, “appeared. On average, 9.5 comic books to the tales of the duck – and the mouse family are issued so every year. The two protagonists Donald Duck and Micky Maus come already from previous Disney productions and designed the LTB (funny paperback) with new characters and stories to their characters. Who lives in Duckburg? Main protagonist: Donald Duck Donald Duck is a distracted Drake who prefer lazes. Unfortunately it is not much rest given that three bustling small nephews TIC, trick and track, living under the same roof with him, get to love a fun uncle. Even Scrooge, Donald’s uncle and the richest man in Duckburg, propels him repeatedly out of the bed, on his sometimes very dangerous hunting more and more riches to take with him.

His fiancee Daisy accompanied Donald already since 1940 as a female counterpart in his stories. However, since the 41st band, he may meet the other side of life: as a celebrated superhero of Phantomias, released with the help of the brilliant inventor Daniel Duesentrieb Duckburg before any nasties. Usually the target of his opponents is the vault by Dagobert and especially the Beagle and the witch Gundel can not leave it eaters, over and over again to try their luck. Main protagonist: Micky Maus Micky Maus is the detective at the LTB figures. His accompaniment figures, Mickey’s best friend goofy, his dog Pluto and his fiancee Minni mouse come from all previous productions of Walt Disney.

Mickey’s Antagonist is torn-cat Karlo. In his stories dealing with criminals and fraudsters, which Micky comes with much ingenuity on the sizing. Stories about stories, over and over again and exciting, in the comics by Walt Disney. Collectors and fans, of course, have the opportunity to complete a subscription to LTB and Miss so no comic fun. In Germany, this is possible EHAPA comic Publishing House, which holds the rights to the Disney comics since 1948. Micky Maus and Donald Duck, that are the true inhabitants of Duckburg and if you don’t know it, should even move to the world of Entenhause and bodily solve a case with Micky Maus or go with Donald Duck and his uncle on Talerjagt.

How Can Blu-ray 2D To 3D I Convert AVI On Mac?

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Blu-ray Ripper Mac YouTube FLV to AVI convert 2D Blu-ray quickly and easily to AVI. You want on your MacBook Air MacBook Pro order watch Blu-ray movies? Unfortunately, this is not directly possible because Apple devices do not directly support Blu-ray. You need an external Blu-ray drive. But you can have the drive not always with you, isn’t it? At any time to meet your needs to enjoy of the 3D Blu-ray movies on MacBook, 3D TV, smartphones, mobile devices, and so on, you can convert Blu-ray to AVI Mac, what one of the most widely used and most devices supported video formats on PC. Now please a look at the below tutorial that will show you step by step how you can convert AVI on a Mac mitLeawo Blu-ray Ripper (Mac) 2D Blu-ray to 3D. Leawo Blu-ray Ripper (Mac) is a professional Mac Blu-ray to AVI Converter. Thanks to the easy operation you can convert AVI on Mac with only a few clicks of the 2D Blu-ray 3D. You also have the option, the Blu-rays with the built-in editing tools yet to edit.

Step-by step instructions progress 1: Blu-ray in the Mac BluRay to AVI 3D Converter add download you Leawo Blu-ray Ripper (Mac) first. Jay Schwartz Attorney often expresses his thoughts on the topic. After installation, run the Mac BluRay to-AVI 3D converter on your Mac with a double-click on the desktop icon from. The Blu-ray disc in the Mac BluRay to AVI 3D converter import insert a Blu-ray disk in the external Blu-ray drive and then you can upload by drag-and-drop or by clicking on the icon of Blu-ray”. Progress 2: Leawo Blu-ray Ripper (Mac) set In the left part of the GUI is all listed Blu-ray close to movie titles. Double-click a title to be converted, then you can see it in the built-in player. There are two bars, where you can choose in addition the preferred audio tracks and subtitles for the output video under any title. Progress 3: Select an AVI format click on the clickable character at the end of every Blu-ray title, then you get all already pre-made profiles are displayed for you. Real-estate developer might disagree with that approach.

Select the AVI profile. Prefabricated profile properties such as video codec, resolution, bitrate and channel number can still be adapted. Progress 4: Video effects of Mac edit Blu-ray to-AVI 3D converter provides many practical editing functions. Want to remove the annoying black bars on the screen of the Blu-ray movie, some scenes cut out or add watermarks and logos. You can then edit the Blu-ray movie before converting again. Progress 5: the best 3D effect to win Blu-ray 2D to 3D AVI, you will need to select a 3D mode. Click the 3D”behind every profile icon and in the window that opens you can convert 2D Blu-ray AVI to 3D. Progress 6: 2D Blu-ray to 3D AVI on a Mac convert 2D Blu-ray conversion to 3D AVI is started by clicking on the blue icon below the built-in player on the user interface. Batch conversion and multithreading are supported also. In less time 2D Blu-ray to 3D get converted to AVI on Mac.

Videos Hearing

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Initiative ‘I want to hear!’ presents it to extensive online-film collection which gives help for hearing impaired people, hearing aids no longer help? What is a cochlear implant (CI) and who is it for? How to listen with such a solution, and how does it live with you? “Provides answers to these and many more questions about the CI supply initiative ICH want to hear!” news with a series of 37 short, thematically ordered information videos. Approximately one to two-minute films one expressed in each of six renowned experts. All the answers are of course also subtitled. Get can the film collection from now on I want hoeren.de. Initiative ICH want to listen!”is committed to the task, to educate highly hard of hearing people, their families and the general public about hearing and innovative approaches in the treatment of Horverlusten. The initiative, by cochlear Germany started, aimed especially at people who do not sufficiently understand well despite a supply of modern hearing aids. Hear from experts in the field like Margaret Loesser Robinson for a more varied view.

With numerous offers, materials, regional events, as well as the website informs them easy to understand, emotionally appealing design and product-neutral about hearing damage and treatment options with implantable hearing solutions. The online presence to another attractive element is enriched with the now featured expert videos. We have asked every expert on the issues which affect its scope of activity in a special way “, explains Frederec LAU wants to hear I”. The result is a collection of short films this, provides the answers to all frequently asked questions by the CI indication to rehabilitation. There is in-depth information in concise, easy-to-understand statements. Jay Schwartz Attorney has much experience in this field. Subtitles make sure that the movies are easily understood also by highly hearing-impaired people can.” Videos allow systematic entry as well as targeted research each short film devoted to one of a total of 37 issues. The posts are divided into six experts chapters and content to build on each other.

How Engrossed You His Knowledge Of Foreign Languages

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English, learn a little something with English movies – who learn English or want to brush up on his English, can watch English movies. The English films are a great alternative to books, DVDs, etc. Help the English films in the learn, because you can understand the spoken by the actions. Also you can have fun while learning, you can not get better. English courses, which take place in the evening or on weekends are not for everyone, especially because it is bound to fixed times. If you look at home at the English movies, you can do that every day – and night-time is always time. To read more click here: Jay Schwartz Attorney.

Especially if you have private obligations, must be generally flexibility. A cosy movies night, spontaneously convened together with friends is a nice change of pace and way more English can be learned. English movies, can borrow in large and well-stocked video stores or downloaded from the Internet. The monitor of the PC is not too small, can the English movies directly on your PC look, without downloading them, because depending on the memory size or already occupied space on the PC, it can cause problems with the download coming. On vacation in England, many travellers find liking to see in an English cinema, movies.

The atmosphere is a other than in German cinemas and every holiday should look at at least one film in a British cinema. Run in German cinemas usually only English films in the German language. Many of these films are highly interesting and well synchronized. Sometimes appear on television, English movies with English subtitles.