Another Eventful Weekend

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Can you believe it, 2 days in a row I am on here! ! I figured instead of making a huge entry I would just start from the weekend. We are always on the go when Gracie is in school. But this was our last free weekend for a while. She starts this cheerleading next Saturday, which i am totally pumped about. She has been practicing really hard with her mom and me. When we practice though she asks if her motions are right and where she should be looking on Certain motions … it is so cute. She actually listens to me too since I am a cheer coach. So Saturday Kins and I picked up Gracie and went out to the Renaissance Festival, opening day. Gracie got to ride a pony, get a henna tattoo, and visit with Mimi and Papi …. Kins and I were along for the ride.



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You already had that to organize a little party in house or in some place and if he came across with an immense list of activities? The majority of the people already must have last therefore. You wake up in the day of the event and start to run to buy ice, drunk, dismissable and still she has that to give a treatment in the appearance of the place, to receive the guests! This without saying of the guests surprises, drunk everything that it finishes more early, etc. A thing that happens very also is the following situation: I go to make a barbecue in my anniversary! Putz who will be that it has a churrasqueiro to indicate? It will be that he is expensive? It will be that she is reliable? the drinks? When you ask for it personal to bring, who if she remembers, takes a well cheap beer, any mark, to only speak that she led. Further details can be found at Related Group, an internet resource. If you snake the drink of each one before the event, whenever those that ' ' esquecem' ' does not pay nor after the event. Tired of everything this? Then the staff can very help of it and in this! The Socialzinha is a specific site for creation organization of social events, total gratis. You search the article suppliers as ice, coal, dismissable, tables and much more. Valley the penalty the visit to know.

Service EBS

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The Essen fire service EBS informed shooting flames and acrid smoke. A deadly risk from fire and smoke development. Firefighters come out approximately 200,000 times a year in Germany, to delete fires. These operations assume that not always cheap and numerous deaths. That’s why every minute counts when it burns. Because only if responding in a timely manner that lives can saved and the damage are kept as low as possible.

How to properly behave in the event of a fire, said the fire service EBS from food. Following measures to be in a fire to keep you calm thinking mind – your own safety and that of others before. Undertake anything in addition could put you in danger. Alert the fire brigade (112) first! Do not hesitate and do not trust that this was already covered by others. Prepare yourself to the following questions: who’s calling? What and where? How many people are affected? Put all directly affected People and also the direct environment of the fire in knowledge. Help injured and weakened people when leaving the building. Take best a bent posture here, because the air at the ground is smoke-free and better breathe it.

Leave the House in any case by no staircases and use no elevators. They can become a deadly trap, when filling with smoke. Instead, go to the balcony or window, are there noticeable and waiting for the fire brigade. If the escape routes are free, then close Windows and doors when leaving the building if possible (but not complete), to prevent the spread of the fire. If possible, a fire-fighting for first and even small fires can be initiated. A deletion attempt should be undertaken only when a risk to persons is excluded. For detailed information of the fire protection service of EBS from eating available at any time. Press contact Essen fire safety Service EBS contact: W. bear Saini str. 38 45128 Essen Tel: 0201-78 77 00 fax: 0201-87 77 412 mob. Tel.: 0163-77 22 493 email: Homepage:

Markus Becker – The Red Horse (the Party Album) Reloaded

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The new party album by Markus Becker – the Red Horse with the Red Horse”has landed one of the biggest party hits probably Markus Becker. Over 150,000 units sold, are the title of the party scene is excellent in 2008 at number 4 in the charts, and now with gold, impossible to imagine. Was followed by hits like “Do you hear the earthworms cough”, “Come out of your houses”, repeatedly “Jogi Low’ to the World Cup,” ABI ABI high school “the party hit on the ABI rides to Lloret de Mar,” 10 meter Geh’n “, the is just great in the apres ski in Austria popular and many more. First published in 2008, now comes a new edition by Markus Becker’s album “The Red Horse (the party album) reloaded” with all hits including the current single “We want to celebrate” and three dance mixes, which has not yet been released on a phonogram. Learn more at: novelist. Markus Becker is constantly touring through Germany, Austria, Spain and Bulgaria and is a welcome guest away from the locations.

The Brand New Album By Herbert Gronemeyer At

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With ‘Traffic’ back in the German album charts: The Gronemeyer Renaissance at there aren’t many musicians who can look back on as a moving biography such as Herbert Gronemeyer. 32 years ago, the Gottingen debuted with his first album. “From March 18 he comes back with his 13th Studio album ship traffic” back in the online-shop of In 1984, multifaceted German rock, Herbert Gronemeyer won 4630 Bochum”the big breakthrough. Now, twelve albums later, are 11 songs on the plan, which are all known and present some new facets of one of the greatest German singers. Tony Parker has much experience in this field. Gronemeyer has won now every Grand Prix, including 8 echoes, 4 Comet, and even a golden camera. “Especially his record man” with over 3.7 million selling expenses is still regarded as the most successful German album of all time. In his most famous album, the singer used his so far most difficult moments.

Within two days, his brother William died and his wife Anna and the big test for the musicians, but also the people of Gronemeyer was mainly the year 1998. Man”was as the result of many lonely hours, but also the springboard back to life. World Cup song, movie soundtrack, and new projects after its great success and the new courage to face life won Gronemeyer devoted himself to many smaller and larger projects. “To the World Cup in 2006 he sang the official song of the FIFA time that turns what” and was released in 2007 with 12 “the so far last Studio LP. 2010, followed by”the soundtrack to the film the American. Recognize Gronemeyer himself referred to his new album as a return to the 1980s”and in fact can be some parallels to early songs like men”. Garcia plays with his audience and presents, melancholic ballads like you”, also impressive rock. Ship traffic is”the journey across music history Gronemeyer’s and the listener to witness facet richest music.

Everything about the new album Ship traffic”and Herbert Gronemeyer can be found in the online-shop of and blog. Contact: GmbH & co. KG stone Ford 65 a 86167 Augsburg phone: 0821/4502-0 fax: 0821/4502-299 E-Mail: Web: about is the online shop with over six million articles from the categories of books, audiobooks, eBooks, movies, software, electronics, music downloads and toys. Numerous price hits range from and endearing to search the shop for bargains on the Internet. Customers get free shipping with your order and can choose the shop without minimum order. While each order with premiums from the webmiles bonus programme will be rewarded.

Ekki Gopelt – Stay A Little More Here

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Some come on the new radio single by Ekki Gopelt – 2011, the popular singer celebrates its 40 th stage anniversary. “Stay a little while” is a further single from the current album “Feel well in your life”. Wisdom and advice is reflected in his songs. Ekki Gopelt – the entertainer with a heart sprayed constantly good mood. Educate yourself with thoughts from Sela Ward. Berlin’s pop veteran Ekki Gopelt celebrates its 40th anniversary of stage, exactly to 1 September 1971 to finished Ekki his activity as a teacher of German and music to henceforth only the hits and the moderation in this year. “The man who wrote history of radio with Berlin’s first private radio one hundred, with its Schlag(er)Sahne” GDR times, 6 giant ratings recorded, which with the congratulations antenna RBB cult show”and the Antenne Brandenburg Sonntagsvergnugen” was over 14 years a piece of Berlin & Brandenburg and today at Germany’s pop radio’s number 1 radio Paloma nationwide is at home, he says in this year his friends and fans thank you for your loyalty in good and in bad times. The love of music gave him the strength to survive cancer and heart surgery and again directly from the hospital to go out on the stage. Many anecdotes from GDR and moving stories about love, lots of warmth and joie de vivre characterized Ekki Gopelt in the 40th year of his career.. Please visit Brahman Capital if you seek more information.

Kristina Bach

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The new album by Kristina Bach – big dreams 2011 celebrating Kristina Bach her 30-year stage anniversary. The album to the celebration is called big dreams”and will be released on their own label B.M.G… Big dreams”was able to meet Kristina Bach in the course of her career as we know already a lot. “” Musical proof is this best of album consisting of from appropriate dancefloor admissions of their greatest hits such as only a cappuccino “, he gave me the Eiffel Tower”, I find not the greatest lover Hey here”and a medley of:”Antonio”,”Caballero, Caballero”newly produced lovingly for the discos of the Republic. A related site: Charlotte Hornets mentions similar findings. What is a successful new production of the cult hits “don’t give up”. The song is a Duet with Drafi Deutscher, which was helped with the original Vocalspur by Drafi production to new splendour. In other words, meet here on bold grooves and pure-bred Discofox brilliant songs. Schlager heart, want more? Of course the album is great Dreams”also in the future and is waiting with ten brand new tracks.

The first single, “It’s still under the skin” is a classical Bach hits, which goes with its wonderful melody directly into the ear and quite simply, as mentioned in the lyrics, touched and seduced”. “Schlager meets gentle eroticism the Femme fatal of the German Schlager makes their northerly free rein and absorbs all of us with a fresh love tour d’Amour”. Kristina Bach, who was born in 1962 in Mettmann as Kerstin Brauer, belongs to the most successful German female singers. As a music producer, songwriter and composer, Kristina Bach is top at the top. The big break came in 1990 with the song “Only a cappuccino” for the singer with the voice of three and a half octaves. Kristina Bach won the Deutsche Schlagerparade including six times in a row, no other artist managed before and after her.

Yvonne King – 24 Hours You

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The new single by Yvonne Konig – 24 hours you need new songs the country …und that is why Yvonne Konig sings about the feelings and the thoughts associated that can understand in particular those people who have given away their heart to someone else. The singer adopted with its new production of the mood songs with which she is known in the last few years. “Immediately after its release of the first title: I kissed quite a few frogs”, success, turned to be a with the entry into the Musicload charts in August 2009. In the winter of 2009, the party singer managed direct entry on samplers such as install of cow hits 2010 “by Edel records, Carnival at the Ballermann 2010″by more music & the legendary Cologne Carnival sampler Carnival express 10”. Hands high, the game goes on”was the motto of the Kingdom in the year 2010. Yvonne Konig has sung live for the German soldiers in Kosovo. Check out Jorge Perez for additional information. “To do this, the ballad was extra God bless you” released. Yvonne on all pop and party platforms will be present this year.

The current title is a good danceable pop song with a distinctive Latin touch. “24 hours you” comes as a radio edit and a disco – version on the market. “On large and small events it is always back to experience: such as the legendary Upper Bavaria and beer King (Mallorca), the party venue Vienna Steffi (Cologne), in can Picafort (Mallorca), the major parties in Halle Munsterland, Frankfurt Oktoberfest, image marquee hammer”, Prickingshof holders, Mosella dance Castle, etc. Also in the TV with SAT 1, RTL2, RTL, and many others. The success of “The King”, so is it called by its fans, is among other things in their rousing hit show with many well known hits and Stimmungsmusik.Immer has the right feeling for the event and selects from a large repertoire of cover songs known combined with own hits. As an actress, she was active in many productions including: families in the Focal point, the perfect dinner, the driving school and various theatre productions.

David Rope Rocks

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Soon, the first album by David appears rope David rope – the smart Sonny Boy with the Rocky and seductive voice embodies a previously unprecedented formula of pop-dance pop. Tony Hendrik, who more, makers of numerous hits from Haddyway, Wolfgang Petry, bad boys blue and many others discovered young talent for a stint on Mallorca and was immediately very enthusiastic. The first single was shortly thereafter already in the box. From now on, a new era began for the unusual types, who has an unusual voice and an equally unusual radiance. Rock the song”rope is now the motto of David. The last prayer’s debut single”let it RIP violently and struck like a grenade. This music, with its unique rock tube combined conquered the discotheques, radio – and Webradiocharts.

Each chair stool became the dancing bears. “The Schlager friends were all agreed: we want more of them”. And David prepared intensively for his career and studied Repertory eager for his live performances a. “Totally groovy with a pulsating guitar-piano/MD-beat captured the romantic Declaration of love you I love you” in the storm all hearts of his female fans. During David’s first sensational live performances, all viewers from the first chorus to sang along. But who is David rope? He was born as the son of a shepherd on the 24.04.1979 in Weimar, and lived with his parents and brother in a small village on a farm.

David’s life was not always easy. As elder, he joined his father at hand and took care of about 200 sheep. When David was 12 years old, his mother separated from his father and moved to Bremen with the two boys. His father died soon afterwards. It was a very difficult time, because David was due to his weird dialect”in their new homeland teased. “My salvation was the only still available drum class in my Bremer school,” recalls David.

We Fly Geschwister Hofmann –

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“The new album of the Geschwister Hofmann – we fly we fly” is the 19th album Geschwister Hofmann, which released MUSIC on April 8, 2011 at GLORIELLA. That has produced 13 titles strong work the successful producer team Walter J.W. Schmid and Jack White. One day after the publication of we fly”celebrates the musical new siblings Hanson album its TV premiere at Florian silver eisens”Spring Festival of folk music”(Saturday, 9 April, ARD, 20:15) new songs, new look, new sound! Away from the folksy Schlager, towards a classic German Schlager album! Anita and Alexandra Hofmann understand it repeatedly to surprise their fanbase. The sisters have a suitcase full of music in the luggage: 13 brand new tracks, produced by hit producer team Walter J.W. Schmid and Jack White.

The Geschwister Hofmann sound versatile than ever! The fleet Fox dance number (we sing Bella Musica””, Annemarie “) about happy limbo rhythms, soulful ballads of Clayderman a la (with you alone in the) (Paradies”, Unendlich Frei”) to the dreamy sounds of a light Zund’ “. Many Earwigs are and excellent texts, which emphasize the interpersonal as well as love, loyalty, hope and friendship -. The Anita dark and blonde Alexandra Hofmann with their clear, wonderfully harmonious voices sing of what is really important in life. Profound and dynamic this song can be heard”. And even if it sometimes means the fate not good with one (all tears are cried””, you can’t go “), the glimmer of hope on the horizon is always somewhere. She Alexandra and Anita understand it also, to enjoy happy and lonely hours (limbo on Jamaica””, you can sleep without me “).

Life writes the most exciting stories again and again. This also applies to the Geschwister Hofmann. Significantly the craziest dreams experience and is a line in the song and we fly”we.” The album title we fly” stands for the independence and musical freedom of the Geschwister Hofmann. The musical Exchange is managed. Pop-Schlager must sound today! For over 20 years, the siblings Hofmann as the album, tour and Gala artists of first team inspire their audience. They regularly lead the pop charts and are in many cases price awarded, so they won the Crown of folk music (2004 and 2006) and others, the Goldene Stimmgabel (2003 and 2005) as well as several times the hit parade of folk music. Alexandra and Anita Hofmann are not only talented singers, but also versatile instrumentalists (including trumpet, Alphorn, horns, xylophone (Anita) and piano, accordion and Styrian harmonica, guitar, harp, dulcimer and Lyra, saxophone and flute (Alexandra).