Ideally, this grassy slope length of 150-200 meters at an angle 15-35 degrees, with antiuklonom to stop. Theoretically, you can ride on the asphalt, or sand, but the dust of time makes the ball is opaque, and it already nezrelischno. That is why sand or asphalt playground for skiing encouraged about making a special coating that protects the ball from harmful influences. Standard Zorb has a volume slightly less than 13 cubic meters and weighs 80 kg. The air between the spheres is pumped through a special compressor. By the way, Zorb not bursting – not at full speed or at a quiet speed. Conducted special crash tests, during which the ball repeatedly faced with acute and severe static objects and even fly over car. Zorb speed reaches 50-60 km / hour.

If you prefer, you can accelerate and more, but it's not safe. When it officially registered a record speed of Zorba – 113 km / hr. However, the Zorb is forbidden to jump off cliffs. In for passenger safety, to protect it from impact, the scope is poured a little water, sometimes in small portions scents zorbonavta during skiing. In the Zorb can jump, stand or run, but the best special buckle straps inside of the ball. Many are interested in the question: Do not throw up in person Zorb? The answer – no, not throwing up. Firstly, because the speed of Zorba not so great – for one full rotation to the ball requires no less than ten meters.

And secondly, everything has already been tested empirically: the Zorb has rolled thousands of people, and none of these problems were not. In general, Zorb – a spectacular, extremely. Imagine a huge transparent ball – it pushes from the hill, he rolled down and the man inside screaming with joy and adrenaline rush! The unusual rotation opens zorbonavta new unforgettable sensations and emotions. You fly like an abyss, with you flung from wall to wall. And if you do not squint, you can see how the bright sun and blue sky immediately replaced by green grass and trees. Anyone who sees it wants to be sure to try myself and will not rest until you do a few laps in this marvelous transparent ball. So try it and you – what are you worse?