Your Inner Being

Finally, in this case, it does not justify the means. Regardless of the goals that you proposed in your life script, you could place some new goals more in line with your current desires: that going slowly, knowing once you’re freeing you of the script and start to design your life Plan. They would be more far-reaching goals, that meet all your desires, which are undeniably yours, designed from freedom from conditioning and for yours satisfaction and your life. They would be a few goals with many possibilities of squirt, and a few goals that your consciousness would recognize how genuine and own, satisfactory, pure, authentic, beautiful. You were born with the right and the ability to achieve them, and the obligation and responsibility to make them reality.

You should not refuse the pleasure and the challenge of fighting for you and for your sake. Any step taken in this sense produces a beautiful pleasure in your inner being, that recognizes and rejoices. These goals should not be lavish or impressive. Not everyone can aspire to discover immediate healing of the cancer or get the Nobel for peace, but yes we can find our goals to achieve authentic happiness listening music, finding inner harmony writing poetry, though not award, or bringing to consciousness to walk, or abstracted and penetrate a Sunrise, enjoy a pleasant conversation you should discard the idea of grandiose, utopian goalsunattainable, because it will cause you uneasiness does not achieve them, and because the goals are personal, and by very simple apparently, than for one must be the highest aspiration. In addition, having goals provides you with illusions to your life, and a life without goals is a life devoid of meaning. Attention: Self, in its full reality, in its realistic and absolute consciousness, is the one who has to be very aware during the outline of those goals.