Working Children

Place of child is in the school, certain? Theoretically yes, but unhappyly, it is not this that comes occurring in some places of our country, the exploration of the infantile work is if becoming a problem each more insoluble time. 5 million children exist today in Brazil almost who work, and good percentage of them is obliged for the parents to leave in the streets to ask for money, to take care of of cars or to venderem products in doors of establishments. The average age between the children is of 6 to the 10 years. The minors leave its houses for return of 06hs00 of the morning and the majority of them loses lessons to work. With the collected money the children help its parents to pay water coupon stubs, light among others accounts, and case on money the parents take the children to leave. The majority of these children lives in way to the poverty and the difficulty is great, making with that the parents not only arrange services more also the children. The incentive of the families that does not have for where also running is strong factors, so that lesser of age they leave of being children and they start to live a suffered life, of sacrifices, for the minimum sustenance of its families. Infancy leaves to be part of the life of them that they are worried in working instead of studying and playing.

Many people still coexist this reality and nothing they make to fight this infantile exploration. The exploration of the infantile work is common in underdeveloped countries. An example of one of these countries is Brazil, where in the regions poor this work is sufficiently common. Some of these minors are citizens prostitution, them do not know the risks that are running remaining in the streets tie high hours.