When Love Arises From Friendship

A love story is born and grows in different ways. Sometimes, a story of love arises from an initial crush, for example, this type of stories often occur frequently in the night atmosphere of a nightclub to the rhythm of the music and the magic that provides overnight. However, a love story can also be born from the friendship. In such cases, the love grows gradually from affection. In this sense, the sentiment is growing to the extent that you know the other person. You begin to assess your company, you enjoy the time you spend with that person and usually it happens to you very fast. When love is born from friendship at times, it may produce great confusion because it is not easy to know where ends the friendship and love begins.

Feelings do not have clear and precise limits in this regard. Normal when a story arises from a crush, humans feel a great initial physical attraction while the knowledge of the person is back. On the contrary, when two friends fall in love suffer the reverse order: first known and then begin to see differently from the point of view of attraction between the two. There is a universal fear that is inherent to two friends who fall in love: afraid of losing the friendship if your love story has a happy ending. In this regard, it should be specified that it is an inevitable risk since sometimes, two people can be excellent friends but be incompatible as a couple.

It is clear that who does not risk not WINS and is always better to be wrong before that pass your life sorry for thinking of what had happened in case of risk. In addition, it is always possible to retrieve the friendship with the passage of time and the healing of wounds since maturity involves understanding the situation with objectivity and the feelings of the other. It is true that when a friend falls for another also can assume that perhaps it is unrequited. Something that makes that cost a person both confess their feelings for fear of rejection. The love that is based on the friendship is more stable, serene and mature since the sentiment is always better when there is also the complicity of two friends who are known from long ago. There are many stories that show that it is possible to conquer the love to start with friendship and achieve happiness. You dare to tell us your story? Do you ever you fell in with you your best friend?