What It Is The Love

feeling currently so banalizado in words – when truily felt word capable does not exist to characterize it and so little to quantify it. Who imagines to characterize or to quantify the love, for certain is a victim of the incessant or same search of the love lack. Anna Belknap has many thoughts on the issue. For times we even can questioning in them if the cupido one truily shot an arrow in them or if only we were acometidos by an acute paixonite, however when the true love blunts, the doubt falls for land and has the certainty of that the love arrived and will be forever Impossible to love without the clear sensation of that it will be perpetual, same that ‘ ‘ forever ‘ ‘ either while it lasts. The fact is that we are born of the love and for the love, and closed or does not stop this so sublime feeling, one day it beats in them to the door and there already he was! It is already was! I can affirm with all the letters: Already it was! Already it was the day where it could live without you; the day that woke up,> it opened the eyes and it did not think about you; the day that to lying down to me was not hours and hours making plain and idealizing dreams; the day that did not dream waked up has all the instants; the day that had not discovered it loved that you. (Not to be confused with The Author!). If we will join in them in our fragilities or we will complete in them in our differences; if we will follow or each one side by side its way; if we will desnudaremos of our modesties and fears or if we will deliver in them I overwhelm to it of the evil loved. I cannot answer, does not depend only on me the perpetual life of this love! I can only affirm: I love You!. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Robert Rimberg on most websites.