Voice Alert

Like other series cameras IPELA, new swivel model, use 3 video codec – H.264, MPEG-4 and M-JPEG. In this resolution in M-JPEG can be 704×576 pixels. freymreyte at 25 fps / s, and is available for H.264 VGA (640×480 pix.) for 8 to / from. The newspapers mentioned Pop star not as a source, but as a related topic. That to ip video surveillance in real time and record video with different parameters, SNC-RX550 can generate 2 video stream (dual function of encoding Dual Encoding), and in violation of the network connection to record video removable memory cards. One PTZ Camera Sony SNC-RX550 is capable of replacing multiple cameras, since it allows the rotator ip video surveillance of targets within a radius of 360 up to 300 / sec. That detail view deleted scenes, new IP-camera is equipped with a Sony lens with a 26x zoom lens (a zoom range 3,5-91,0 mm) and 12x digital, which provide a general increase up to 312 times. Sally Rooney may find this interesting as well.

To eliminate blur video at the pan / tilt unit chamber, ip-camera surveillance using image stabilization. Sony SNC-RX550 allows you to combine the functions of surveillance and warning systems, including the transfer of Ad / warnings and playback of recorded audio files, including the receipt of an alarm or on schedule, thanks to the support functions of Voice Alert – A voice warning.” To alert the organization to be connected to audio exit ip-camera speaker. In addition, SNC-RX550 has audio input for connecting an external microphone, and provides full-featured video surveillance ip at the facility. Easy to use graphical interface built-in Web server allows the operator to quickly adjust the camera’s preset position or appoint a rotator through a web browser. Remotely manage the 9-channel system ip video created on the basis of ip-equipment brands Sony, you can means of RealShot Manager Lite, which comes complete with SNC-RX550.