Sports and wellness hotel Angerhof in the Bavarian Forest from Zwiesel to St. Englmar is no hour hour westward along the glass road. Target is the Angerhof sport – and wellness hotel (4 star superior). The hotel is located at 900 meters altitude. The view from the terrace of the hotel over the Danube valley to the Alpine chain Franz and Maria Wagnermayr should be patented.

Better you can not invent it. This of course knows the couple why they have founded a small 30-bed Bed & Breakfast pretty much 25 years ago on this beautiful spot, which has grown into one of the most beautiful spa hotel in Germany and Europe today on 30,000 square meters and with 140 beds. This confirms also the Stiftung Warentest and various other trade magazine providing regularly with the highest acknowledgements the Angerhof. Wellness are found today throughout the world, but we want to us, thanks to the existing resources, adult nature do not comparable,”says Hotel Manager Maria Wagnermayr and raves about the unique Altitude, the wonderful view of free-range chicken, happy calves and dip fresh trout. That sounds like pure peasant romance, but who was there knows that none of it is exaggerated.

“Maria Wagnermayr quips: we’re the first mountain range North of the Danube valley, provides us with no one in the shadow.” Over 2,000 square meters area, they have designed a unique Spa which you would not expect so in the Bavarian Forest. A vital-sauna temple with six different saunas, salt cave, rock bath and private Kneipp path. Enjoy with all your senses for body, mind and soul”, is the motto of House Mr Franz Wagnermayr, who comes from Upper Austria, but has long since internalized the USPS glass Street and Bayerischer Wald. In the relaxation room he let the water beds set up a big screen, where he projected meditative nature films from the Bavarian Forest. Throughout the House glass art pieces are exhibited by the glass blowing Schmid from Zwiesel, underwater music in the sole Grotto comes from the glass harmony Duo”, and the reverse of the Grotto is a work of art anyway. I understand nothing of art”, contradicts like Franz Wagnermayr. But I’m trying to bring the glass artists among the people.” So as recently as the journeyman of a young artist in the Palm Garden found their ideal destination. His wife Maria says: why should any prominent actor for us advertise, if our glass artists are the true stars? This creates the uniqueness that we need.” And then looks in practice, as the master of the House with a short anecdote tells that an elderly regulars from the Bavarian Forest recently big celebrated his wedding anniversary at the hotel. In the Emperor’s bath has he let go with champagne and caviar it himself with his wife so good”, says Franz Wagnermayr and smirks. Anger is a hoard for connoisseur without any age restriction. Hotel Angerhof, Franz and Maria Wagnermayr: am anger 38, 94379 Sankt Englmar,. Tel.: 09965-186-0, information about the glass road to get the Eastern Bavarian Tourism Association, Luitpoldstrasse 20, 93047 Regensburg, Tel. 0941/58539-0, fax: 0941/58539-39,,