Use The Wondershare DVD Ripper, DVD To AVI Convert

Convert DVD to AVI – who would like to convert a DVD to AVI is very well served by Wondershare software with the Wondershare DVD Ripper. If the software is already installed you can start it directly. After the boot process, you have the possibility to select a DVD directly from the drive or load a saved DVD from your computer. To do this click the DVD icon “Add. Here then opens a window where a DVD is. Either that already on your computer read a or a DVD in your DVD drive.

Now select the VIDEO_TS folder, and then click ok. It should be noted here that not all DVD can be read out. Convert a DVD to AVI is not possible if the want to import DVD has a copy protection. A copy protection exists, opens up a window in which is which has the title you just open a CSS protected content. So, the DVD to AVI Converter may not work. Selection of the chapter has read the works displayed get you now a list usually some video chapters contains. You would have to rip the whole DVD to AVI you select also the whole folder.

Want only selected video section you can select only these. Note the preview function. Here it is possible to look at the individual chapters. The name of the output file change, you need to click only in the target file box to change the name of each chapter. DVD edit material, it is possible for the DVD to AVI ripping to shorten the chapters, you have to only preview window position where the triangular slider under the where you want to have the start or the end. Convert DVD to AVI now comes the real work for the DVD to AVI Converter. Now select the video chapter and then you can set the output format AVI profile. Subtitle select DVD AVI Converter, you can even add a subtitle behind the audio select the audio track. Specify a folder under output can a storage folder be selected otherwise, the default directory is used. DVD rip AVI, click Start now, click the Green Start button to the DVD rip to start. The DVD rip AVI is now a progress window sheweth map where you can follow closely how far the DVD AVI already has done its job converter.