Universe Participants

The first of the participants, who had been solved, becomes the next player inside the circle, who is blindfolded and the game continues. Lesson 3. Tell me. Purpose: improvement and development of adequate self-esteem, engage in group process for all participants, promotion of group dynamics, expansion of information on members of the group. Exercise “Tell me one.” Group seated in the coterie. One of the participants in their hands is soft toy.

Psychologist includes music, and participants at this time pass around a toy. Then the music stops. To someone who at the time the music stops, the toy was in hand, group members ask any three questions. Answered the questions again begins with the music to pass the toy down the circle. After graduation exercises discussed feelings and thoughts. Exercise “The Universe – I am he. ” In the center of the sheet members paint the sun, and in the center of the solar cycle of large write “I”.

Then, from his “I” beams imps to the planets and on each of them write their positive qualities. Also indicate their quality can and sun. Lesson 4. Frankly. Objective: To develop confidence in a deeper communion disclosure intrapersonal problems hidden features, raising awareness. Removing unpleasant sludge after the conversation, preservation of domestic tranquility and efficiency. Psychologists say the confidence of its importance, and recalls some of the rules of the group. Invites participants to finish the sentence unsaid, words. Exercise “Incomplete sentence.