Esteartigo SUMMARY will deal with questions that relate music as a form of linguagemde cultural expression, social, religious and individual. We will search esclarecercomo music is present in the history of the human development and as elainfluncia in the most different aspects. We over all know that the presence of music to nodecorrer of the history of the humanity is undisputed, in more diversaspocas and races, being a language that is beyond the time and of the space. Noexiste inside of any culture a more expressive and complex phenomenon of the quea music, therefore incorporates in itself physiological aspects (agency of the directions), physicists (musical structure) and psychic. Nestapesquisa we will be able to observe as the manifestation of music is for algunsestudiosos an innate attribute of the human being, necessary for its expressosubjetiva. Music is composed for notes that we can attribute as symbols, but these is not endowed designificao, this significao is attributed subjectively for each indivduoque it makes auditory contact with music.

importante to stand out that the musicalidade crosses diverse sensible pelaconcatenao of the words and the gestures, being produced a social effect diferenteem each group. This if of the one for the individual and psicossocial nature that alinguagem has that, for times, if becomes general symbol of identification interpersonal nasrelaes. In this way, each group is constituted by one estiloque is common to all the participant members. For example, religious groups, of children, bands with specific rhythms, amongst others. Explanaremoscomo is possible to glimpse in each individual characteristic of suasubjetividade that if they show through the relations with the formed groups to apartir of gostos and musical affinities and the possibility of enxergar, also, as the individual is capable to relembrar and to reviver moments and people marcantesatravs of the emotion that was attributed to a significant one in the musical symbol. Comoconcluso, searchs to demonstrate as music can be one referencialimportantssimo for the agreement of the mind and its emotions and, mainly, of its subjectivity.