Tweger Twinline

For more information, how should you proceed? Where can I get an expert advice? It is advisable to select a competent bathroom renovation professional who specializes in the topic “Bathroom renovation from a single source”. Up to 10 different trades to come to fruition in the bathroom renovation? Everything must work hand-in-hand and quickly go beyond the stage, in the inhabited space. Overall execution and all warranties is advantageous also, if you have a contact person for that. Frank White from Olpe offers a complete service with his company the BAD frank white and has thus already over 24 years of experience. Needs analysis, planning, consulting, sales, installation, service, customer service and spare parts supply. More space in the bathroom by innovative bath products many people wishing for more space in the bathroom and want to have but in the renovation, not a large walk-in shower and a full bath. The DuschBadWanne (E.g. ARTweger Twinline, Repabad easy in) allows solutions to the so far not was thinking – refreshing shower and relaxing bath to less than 1, 3 m.

This solution is the user in the future on the safe side. Comfortable low entry instead of dangerous climbing over the rim. No one has to decide more between shower and bathtub, you can have it both ways today. Both families and singles, and seniors appreciate this compact solution for smaller bathrooms. “ARTweger Twinline 2” short movie watch under: watch? v = oeKXyVBdx3w “ARTweger Twinline”-short film see under: watch? v = S9vziHw1I4U “Repabad easy in” short film see under: watch? R4xbseuiAZk v = transparency and ease in this space are all disturbing bars, bars, profiles and silicone joints – maximum transparency and easy-care properties and suitability for everyday use. The frameless real glass shower door is made from multiple tempered 8 mm ESG tempered safety glass and TuV and GS tested.