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And that means to apply these principles, all the time, even when you feel that they do not work, and especially if you are in a depression. 5. Never I give great importance to the meaning to winning or losing with women. I (and the hare) do a number with this point, but basically what I mean is that you realize that if you accept a woman, does not mean that the next day will be kneeling at your feet, and become lazy or careless. (See point # 4 directly above) And if she rejects you, it only means that the approach that you tried, at this particular moment, with this woman in particular, has not worked yet.

It might work in another time with her, or simply another approach was needed. Even if it is not the case, as I said once to a friend saw mine when a woman I reject Dan, never reject me. I only discover if a woman has good taste! 6. Don’t need to win all the time, only measure the potential of a woman, and either I’m going through it or continue and short by how healthy. Sometimes the best option is to just say goodbye and go ahead. When you realize that you don’t have to win all the time, then you takes away pressure from above and you become much more relaxed.

Ironically and paradoxically, this almost always leads more to victory with much more frequently than you have ever imagined! 7. Never know what kind of physical like a woman for what I always act consistently and forcefully. Listen: women are much more individualistic in what they like, physically speaking. Once I had a beautiful young woman who told me that if Mel Gibson or Tom Cruise asked him to leave, she would say, not because only tall and thin black men liked her! simply you do not know, so he sees it. Are these attitudes not great? Can you imagine the success you will have with women when you learn these attitudes and manifest in your life? Learn these and other techniques to seduce any woman, regardless of your appearance, physics, or your current finances, the secret main is in the attitude and personality you project to others.