Theological Production

It is alone to investigate the justinian codes, seminaries and college of theology to evidence that Biblical the theological formation in the Assembly of God does not pass of a mere formality, since its leaders, in my opinion, do not have no type of interest in deepening the question and taking it for the academic field properly said. An example is the proliferation of ‘ ‘ cursinhos teolgicos’ ‘ inside of the proper denomination that comes being widely accepted metodolgico and epistemolgico criterion normally, as it is the dog of the known fast, lightning and facilitated courses. Ridicule without academic notoriety as it occurs with the seminaries baptists and presbiterianos in Brazil, finish certifing workers without the minimum of conditions for the exercise it ministry. In the Assembly of God the necessary theological education to pass, first, for an academic reform, including faculty, resumes and programs, beyond the adequate infrastructure necessity. In Brazil already they function a set of ten of superior centers where the theology or sciences of the religions does not have any ties ecclesiastic.

Are chairs created without religious interference and directed by professors of the proper institutions. In the truth what it is happening is the separation of the theological seminary of the church, making with that the church if moves away from time of the public life of the academy. The necessary church more than what never to take conscience of such phenomenon and to open its doors for the teach-learning of the theology, aiming at the proper future of the church and the formation of superior level contextualizado of its workers, preventing of this form, you criticize of ideological sectors, politicians and academics.