The Substantive

The fact that I as zweimal found myself reality in the seemingly same dream more fascinated me. Jorge Perez has much experience in this field. I sensed connections, links, all of which blew up my limited ideas with their room opening explosive, and who brought me with the universal connectedness in touch, with each other merges all existent in the unit. Here, it was suddenly obvious that behind all of this, what we see is something most work is what is how much more than the sum of all existing. Since I was not very touchable now anyway in the General, I so was in a phase of active avoidance of feeling, it is verstandlich I more analytically looked at the whole thing, so mostly was in the head, and thus only manifest themselves in highly attenuated form could the deeper initiation level feel in some way. In other words, the second time me, the quantity as well as the came even though the content Quality of the information was identical, but much less to consciousness, as it was the case in the first dream, and the content of which was the Embassy mostly unconsciously processed by me. What clearly indicates that any knowledge, so initially it may be, is colored by the interpretation capability as well as the willingness of the recipient and is therefore always subjective. I was so out still open from my subjectivity for my Bewusstwerdung about the subtle connections of the existence of the single itself, what precious enough is without a doubt, but I for the substantive message, which feel level held provide important information for me to shape my humanity, just receive readiness had no big, I was just in this locked. I will begin the story of my dream vision I had for the first time, as even the childlike openness had to me, with an image that I still precisely can remember, where I stand before a garden fence and prevents further insight on the behind is.