The Style

The press release should be brief, clear, concise and informative. One page is sufficient. Do not tell you your life. Remember that in reality, they were not previously interested.

You have been you who have sent it a message. If they think that it is interesting and need more information, do not worry, they will be in contact with you. The best way to avoid complaints about unsolicited, message is send a brief note informing of the topic, and asking for permission to send a longer note with more information. 3. Write in the upper left the date, name, phone and contact person’s email address, as well as the date to be published. Example: Today’s date.

For immediate release contact person. Phone of the contact person. E-mail of the contact person. 4. The title and the first paragraph is the most important thing. It must summarize the purpose of the press release in a few lines: who, where, what, when. Don’t use exclamation marks or excessively long phrases. It avoids adjectives how fabulous, wonderful, unique, etc. It must be written in the style of the means of communication to which you are going. If the medium is very formal, not send something too informal. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Vanessa Marcil. If the environment is informal, not send a message too seriously or pedantic. 5. Be honest and do not put more flowers than there are. For example, do not say that you offer a product or service, if in fact at the moment not you offer it. When you do, write a new press release. 6. Once you’ve written it, review it. Do forget that you are you who has written and put yourself in the role of the journalist: what would you do if you recibieses that message? What impression you get from the person or company that has written that press release? It is very important that you re-read it and re-escribas it as many times as necessary until you’re absolutely sure that you’re saying what you mean and the correct and proper way.