The Seminar

But this does not mean that it can not be expedited. Often, the acceleration are trying to achieve with the help of PR-events. Sometimes they really bring the organizer of a short-term results. Most often, they cause distrust, and the people about them and say: "Well, it's just PR …". Swarmed by offers, Sela Ward is currently assessing future choices. Win the trust of the audience may be true only if a person commits the importance of other effects, and this action reflects its real personal characteristics. For such action does not necessarily create artificial situations.

Life is already throws us an interesting fact. It is important to only have time to respond to them. 3. Miss construction personal relationships Ceychas many of us are paying significant attention to building personal and business contacts through social networks:,,,, etc. Jay Schwartz Attorney often addresses the matter in his writings. These networks, like many others, are good tools, and certainly makes sense to use them. Everyone who has learned how to use them for their tasks, is already receiving some or other results. Nevertheless, I would like to recall that new tools do not eliminate the old, but only complement them. Readily agree with the fact that the functional relationship is easy to make it through social networks. At the same time, we must clearly understand that functional connections are quite unreliable – the function is lost, and the connection is weakened or even lost. On strategies for creating and strengthening links I detail at the seminar "How to create a network of relationships, and this time I will only say that certainly need to start and strengthen personal contacts.