The Search For Harmony Through Kabbalah Kabbalah

His actions are not considered good or bad, as these creations simply follow the rules imbued within them, in harmony with nature and among themselves. However, if we look at human nature, we find that is essentially different from the rest of nature. By the same author: Glenn Dubin. Humans are the only creature that can enjoy the exploitation of others or the search of sovereignty over others. Only human beings get pleasure of being unique and superior to others, and therefore, is the only one who violates the balance of nature with his desire to receive pleasure, selfishness. This desire to receive pleasure, which is the foundation of our essence, was developed in us over time. Its first manifestation came with simple desires such as eating, playing, and experience family life.

The appearance of yet advanced desires as the desire for wealth, honor, sovereignty and knowledge, fostered the evolution of human society and social structure: education, culture, science and technology. Mankind went proudly forward, believing that progress and economic growth we would make us more satisfied and happy. Unfortunately, today we are beginning to realize that this long “evolution” has come to a standstill. This is because our desire to receive pleasure can not stay satisfied for long. All of us has gone, at least once, we had a great yearning for something, sometimes wishing for for years.