The Production

Best solution is to recycle and to reuse everything that will be possible. Aterros sanitary regional all does not hold the garbage that the population produces. A form to be treating all this garbage and still using as clean alternative power plant is controlling the organic residue through biodigestores. Biodigestor is a reservoir where if it places the biomass (garbage) mixed with water. It is in its interior that the fermentation of the biomass happens, giving origin to biogs and the biofertilizante. This biogs can be used in lampio, for the heating of stoves and also for the generation of electric energy.

Each biodigestor has a characteristic; They exist of batelada production or of production it continues. Batelada production of, the biomass is placed inside of the biodigestor that is total closed and alone the production of biogs will be opened after, what it will take ninety days more or less. After the fermentation of the biomass, the biodigestor is opened, clean and again loaded for a new cycle of production of biogs. Continuous production, the production can happen for a long period, without it has the necessity of opening of the equipment. The biomass is placed in the biodigestor at the same time where the biofertilizante is removed. 2.

Bibliographical revision In this work presented a form of recycling of inhabits organic that, according to MAP (2010) – Ministry of Agriculture, Cattle and Supplying 75% of the Brazilian cities make use its solid residues in lixes. Such situations can bring diverse comprometimentos to the environment and the health of the population that inhabits next to the disposal to the garbage. Problems can be cited as: sprouting of focos of transmitting vectors of illnesses, bad I smell, possible contamination of the ground and bodies d' water, beyond the inevitable destruction of the urban landscape of the cities, mainly. She is necessary that if it has much attention how much to the destination to be given to this garbage organic, a time that if left in the nature can bring harmful consequences to the human beings.