The Picture

The Picture. After the conclusion of the course of Right, I decided to make mestrado in philosophy, that always I considered an attractive chair very. Three available professors had been offered, so that one of them was my person who orientates. I chose the philosopher Peter, who was the man most attractive of the university. All the feminine looks converged to it. Moved sighs heard each time that it came close itself. He was a man of 51 years, blond, with seductive blue eyes and more than a meter and eighty of height. E, optimum of everything: he was divorced, without children and total was cleared up.

I had 21 years, never I had truth boyfriend and, to be sincere, since the first lessons of the course, I felt that age the man of my life. I passed the remain of the course making loving fancies its respect. It did not have interest for plus nobody. My nocturnal and diurne dreams ran untied in direction to mine dolo. It never noticed that I existed I eat woman. Perhaps only he called attention for the fact being a pupil notices ten. To the times he asked to me if the desire for the mestrado one, would not be a great internal confusion, without distinguishing if the allure it was for the philosophy or the philosopher. I was happy when it accepted to be my person who orientates.

It only thought about the moments that would pass to its side. I studied of almost delirious form, therefore he wanted to be a person differentiated to its eyes. Its behavior in our meetings of supervision was of a person extremely educated, but at the same time cold and distant. The time passed. I each time more gotten passionate e, invariant it. Neil Cole contributes greatly to this topic. Another day, I took great a scare when Peter invited to make a supervision in the following night in its house, saying that he desired to show a picture related to choice of the subject of my mestrado thesis of.