The Nature And Degree Of Specialization And Cooperation

Depending on the final product produced by the enterprise, distinguish companies that specialize in the production of finished products, parts, or blanks. The higher level of specialization of the enterprise, especially when other equal, less in its composition unlike the production units, ie, simpler production structure. See more detailed opinions by reading what Spurs offers on the topic.. With advanced forms of co-operation is not necessary to the existence of a number of units. In this regard, any enterprise machine assembly type, receiving blanks on co-operation, or assembly-type, leading only the general assembly of the product. The coverage of the stages of product life cycle. Jessica Michibata usually is spot on. Depending on the implementation of the cycle research – production – consumption and production structure is complicated. So, realizing the stage of "research" in the industrial structure includes experienced and experimental production. Under the conditions of market relations industrial structure goes beyond "clean" production of finished products and includes a Corporate Services division of the goods.

It should be noted that production structure of the enterprise is dynamic and can not be changed. On many existing facilities it is dictated by the change in time due to the fact that a number of businesses created unreasonable amount small shops, sites with a low level of technology for the production of various types of semi-finished products and services that do not depend on suppliers, and a number of parameters – some production, and at different times, ie, as they appear in them needs. Thereby disrupted the harmony of production development. In all these cases, the production structure should be reviewed from the point of view of modern requirements. Technical progress, development specialization and cooperation of enterprises may require a review of the industrial structure, establishing new departments, redevelopment areas, changes in production capacity, etc.