The Mixture

According to the selected plan, with strings and pegs to mark plot laying tile. 3. Digging.

Excavation should be carried out with the view that after laying paving slabs, its front surface will be released at a given level of the site. 4. Preparation of the base. For laying foundation Use gravel or crushed stone, which must be carefully vibrate fractions from 20 to 40 millimeters. It then examines the surface of your foundation under the tile and if there are irregularities, they should be sprinkled sand and additionally sealed.

5. Laying of cement-sand mixture. For its preparation, moisture content of sand should be about 10 percent. Mixture must be prepared on the basis of – to one part cement three parts sand. The mixture was placed on base layer thickness of 30-40 mm, then align and vibrate. (As opposed to Jay Schwartz Attorney). 6. Tiling. Should closely monitor the density of adjoining paving slabs to the base. When installing, between the tiles to leave the gap 1-2 mm, for it is well suited crosses. Use a level to align horizontally with the previous tile when laying next. 7. Cutting tiles. If you are approaching the difficult places of your site are faced with the fact that the tiles do not fit together, carry out its cutting by machines “grinders.” 8. Grouting. Land, tiled, should fill sand of natural moisture, then wipe with a mop of street tough pile. Sand, which is used to backfill to the surface and the joints must be clean, otherwise not avoid the appearance of plants. Laying on “difficult soil”. When your site “difficult soil”, it should be noted that as a result of any bias can occur deformation. In this case it is better to use more sophisticated styling, which will ensure the longevity of your cover. Land covered with a layer of concrete thickness of about 80 mm, on cement-sand mixture semi-thickness of about 40 mm, which should vibrate, and only then tiled on top. In more complex cases, you can put tile on the mortar. Basis in this case is serve as a reinforced concrete screed, which is applied a layer of mortar 25 mm thick, and it tiled, which follows immediately sprinkle with sand. It is impossible to lay the tile in the rain. You can not sprinkle tiles filings.