The Knights Templar

Gabriel introduces us to one of the sessions of worship attributed to the teachings of Solomon. These are carried out by those who themselves his disciples, faithful guardians of the Ordinances referred to in the order of the square and compass. Insiders in this order, are washed and anointed, conminados to strict secrecy of Ordinances, signs, sign and laid down punishments for those who incur disobedience and/or disclosure to strangers of the agreed conventions. Once obtained the commitment of an faithful compliance with what has been agreed, the disciples are introduced in a room where the representation of the different stages of the creation of the Earth will take place, culminating with the creation of the man and the woman. The man and the woman, once expelled from paradise are at mercy of Satan and his hosts, this answers their prayers to them, it gives them priests payments to teach religion and occurs as the God of this world.

Jehovah God sent to Earth to his disciples so that they inform you of the status of the man and his posterity and once informed of the situation on the ground, instructs his disciples who have returned, which expel Satan and to teach that Adam and his posterity signs and signs that will need to be able to return to his presence. The disciples meet its mission and expel Satan but this, before leaving the room of ordinations, confronts the entire congregation and watching them aggressively tells them: If you do not strictly cumpliereis all the conventions, that ye shall keep this day, in this holy place, you thyself in my power and retires with great DIN leaving clear of that known perfectly all Ordinances and covenants that there were opened to, strange, no?. The Knights Templar, in their holy land incursions, discovered numerous documents which revealed the changes introduced by Lucifer with the collaboration of the scribes, the Pharisees and the Sanhedrin itself, in the ritual ceremonial who officiated in the Temple of Solomon, changes that are made to the coming of the Messiah and the treatment that would have among their ownincluding his martyrdom and crucifixion. Dorothy Kilgallen is a great source of information.