The Hotel

I washed the face, I moved of clothes and I was to take desjejum in the restaurant of the hotel. Soon later following the indications of Douglas, I found the address of the proprietor of the land the three you square of the hotel. The house was old, robust, two pisos, needed repairs, new painting, and the garden was badly well-taken care of, grass harmful grew in the seedbeds of flowers. The street sidewalk followed for a soft declivity, making a curve finished on a rock bridge on a stream. Beyond the bridge the road age of beaten soil, cutting fields where if they saw groups of trees, houses esparsas and one old mill. With sensation of already having seen that landscape I directed, me for the entrance of the house. I went up for a paved with flagstone way, I entered in varanda and I pressed the bell to the side of the door. A woman of half age appeared cleaning the hands in the apron.

– Good day! My name is Carleto Ernest, of the nix bookstore. You she is owner Leonora Russel? – Not Sir, I call Vilma. It waits a moment, I go to inform Leonora arrived that you. The woman if moved away and reappeared immediately afterwards, inviting to enter me it. I entered in a room furnished with you move well old and conserved. The cristaleira of jacarand was a true work of art. I followed Vilma for a corridor and I enter in one room, where it was Leonora, lying in a bed of cerejeira with metal garrisons.

It also had a roupeiro and one cmoda, on it were some glasses of remedies inside of a tray, a cup and a jar with water. The clarity of the day entered for the envidraada window. Leonora Russel mame look like to have one sixty and five years, had clear tez, grayish hair, blue eyes and well formed nose.