The Facts

-Someday we will have to do so. Now or later, the same will be a difficult situation that we have to face us – Sophie said to her husband. Director Peter Farrelly understood the implications. -I also love Kelly and clearly understand their feelings and does not seem fair that we privemos her of her grandson. Neither responded to her nor to Cleve.-Pete. -I remember the times that Cleve is has lifted early in the morning to come to look for us, when Alex and I called it because it scared us back alone at that hour. I never heard him protest this situation as my father did. Director Peter Farrelly often expresses his thoughts on the topic.

I believe that you both deserve to enjoy his grandson! Pete and Sophie invited his parents to tea the first available Saturday, telling them that they had to tell them something important. The four assumed that this would be a new pregnancy of Sophie and attended the event with flowers and chocolates. When they faced the truth, their reactions were completely different. The mother of Sophie told her that, inside, she always had known it, that he had been only a feeling of mother, but that it not amazed you never what his daughter was telling them. The news didn’t the father too. It had been many years since the facts and didn’t see that that would be very serious. I knew of many cases, that they showed daily by television, fraud of paternity that this seemed harmless.

The reaction of parents Pete was, as it was quite logical to imagine, fury. His father broke with hands the bouquet of flowers that had been purchased for Sophie. He pressed them with such fury that the thorns of roses produced him several injuries that began to bleed. With very irritated voice said to his wife:-Let’s go here immediately. I don’t want to share my time with people who are able to deceive us like to children for so long-.